Our first AHS Freak Show podcast covered freaky Tupperware parties where The Shocker became The Claw, bad accents, and the scariest clown ever. 

Direct download: AHSFS_S4E1.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 1:38am PDT

Crane and Abbie work to stop Jenny, who's possessed by a supernatural coin, from murdering Reyes. Katrina tries to connect with Henry. An associate of Jenny's rubs Crane the wrong way and Irving learns Henry's true identity.

Direct download: Sleepy_Hollow_S2E3.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 12:24am PDT

In the season one finale of The Strain, Abraham leads the team in an attack of The Master's new lair. 

Direct download: The_Strain_S1E13.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 2:06pm PDT

Marty investigates a strange man out at the hunting cabin, Tom's wife tries to deal with Rachel living in her house... with her husband... without her there, and Jacob bonds with his grandmother. 

Direct download: Resurrection_S2E2.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 1:20am PDT

Rod from The Black Guy Who Tips Podcast joins Nina and Meghan to discuss Jake's investigation into Harrison's death, Mellie's fried chicken, Cyrus' hookup, and Quinn and Huck being the worst babysitters ever. 

Direct download: Scandal_S4E2.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 1:26am PDT

Ichabod and Abby work to raise The Kindred with the hopes that he can take on The Headless Horseman while they free Katrina. There's a new sheriff in town and she's the worst. Irving agress to something without reading the terms of service. 

Direct download: Sleepy_Hollow_S2E2.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 10:36am PDT

In the penultimate episode of the season, Abraham remembers losing his wife, Ke$ha has a plan, and Gus goes in search of supplies.

Direct download: The_Strain_S1E12.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 1:42am PDT

Marty learns that he and Jacob have a lot in common, Rachel's pregnancy is progressing quickly, and Jacob grandmother returns from the dead. 

Direct download: Resurrection_S2E1.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 12:44am PDT

Olivia returns to D.C. to bury a friend and is surprised to find the condition of Pope & Associates and those she left behind. 

Direct download: Scandal_S4E1.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 9:09pm PDT

In our first Sleepy Hollow podcast: Nina, Sarah, and Robyn discuss the Ichabod/Abbie reunion we waited all summer to see. 

Direct download: Sleepy_Hollow_S2E1.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 12:09am PDT

Eph, Nora, Abe, and Fet head into the train tunnels to kill The Master. Zach has to deal with Nora's mom.

Direct download: The_Strain_S1E11.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 1:45pm PDT

Eph retraces Kelly's steps hoping to find her alive. Vasiliy and Dutch head over to The Stoneheart Group so she can try to undo the damage she caused. 

Direct download: The_Strain_S1E10.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 11:17pm PDT

This episode is filled with unnecessary pit stops and a search for a character we care nothing about. But Fet is awesome, as usual, and we finally get to see The Master's face. We'll pretend that awkward sex scene with Eph and Nora didn't happen.

Direct download: The_Strain_S1E9.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 1:07am PDT

In the season finale of The Leftovers: Kevin enlists Matt's help and has a chance encounter with Wayne, The Guilty Remnants carry out their Memorial Day mission, Nora makes a decision about her future. 

Direct download: The_Leftovers_S1E10.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 11:50pm PDT

We're joined by Karen from The Black Guy Who Tips podcast to discuss the latest episode of The Strain. In it, Vasiliy joins the team as they are trapped in a convenience store with hungry strigoi outside. 

Direct download: The_Strain_S1E8.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 7:55pm PDT

We close the coffin on True Blood with this discussion on the series finale. We also announce the shows we'll be covering this fall, plus feedback and iTunes reviews.

Direct download: True_Blood_S7E10.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 7:34am PDT

Abraham, Eph, and Nora set a trap for the master using Jim as bait. Gus is processed into jail with an infected Felix. We meet a new creature with his own agenda.

Direct download: The_Strain_S1E7.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 11:47pm PDT

The Garveys at their best seems to be pretty bad: Kevin is unhappy and cheats, Laurie is keeping a secret, Jill suspects her parents are going to break up, and Tommy can't deal with the fact that his biological father wants nothing to do with him.

Direct download: The_Leftovers_S1E9.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 12:07am PDT

The ProFans have spoken! We hand out the 2014 ProFannys to honor the best in television. 

Direct download: 2014_ProFannys.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 12:06pm PDT

After demanding that Bill release her, Jessica seeks comfort from Hoyt. Sookie learns that Sam has left town for good. Eric plays mediator for Bill and Sookie. Ginger finally got what she's been wanting. 

Direct download: True_Blood_S7E9.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 12:40am PDT

In this episode of The Strain podcast: we talk about the adventures of Gus and Felix, how awful Eph's wife is, and how Abraham needs a partner.

Direct download: The_Strain_S1E6.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 10:30pm PDT

Kevin learns a lot about himself when he wakes up to find he's kidnapped Patti. Matt antaganizes Meg to the point where she won't shut up. Aimee and Jill have a fight. 

Direct download: The_Leftovers_S1E8.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 12:25pm PDT

Sookie wonders how Eric was cured, Jason tries to rescue Jessica, and Lettie Mae is forgiven for being a crummy mom.

Direct download: True_Blood_S7E8.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 10:18am PDT

We discuss the events in The Strain S1E5 including Regina King running in those heels, whether or not we can trust Jim, and Bolivar's delivery service.

Direct download: The_Strain_S1E5.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 9:16pm PDT

This one was a tough one, ProFans. Halfway through recording we found out about the passing of Robin Williams. The Leftovers isn't what you'd call a feel good show as it is, and the death of someone who brought so much joy and entertainment  to so many didn't really inspire us to be our usual silly selves. But still, we finished and we hope you enjoy listening to us talk about what was, honestly, a good hour of television.

Direct download: The_Leftovers_S1E7.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 11:09am PDT

Sookie seeks out her fairy grandfather to help Bill. Eric employs some questionable interrogation techniques. Hoyt returns to Bon Temps.

Direct download: True_Blood_S7E7.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 11:20am PDT

Eph, Nora, and Jim dissect the pilot's body and then have a parting of ways. Gus tries to secure some cash after taking care of his mother's rent. Mr. Palmer gets his operation. Abraham chops off heads. 

Direct download: The_Strain_S1E4.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 8:01pm PDT

Nora Durst attends a work conference in NYC and discovers someone has been impersonating her. She also meets Holy Wayne.

Direct download: The_Leftovers_S1E6.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 11:10pm PDT

Sookie and Jessica find out about Bill's illness. Pam and Eric make a deal to find Sarah Newlin. Violet kidnaps Adilyn and Wade. 

Direct download: True_Blood_S7E6.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 8:40pm PDT

The CDC team finally realize they're not dealing with a regular virus. We see Thomas' true face. Bolivar loses something precious. 

Direct download: The_Strain_S1E3.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 8:09pm PDT

After one of the GR is brutally murdered, Patty questions Laurie's committment. Kevin tries to impose a curfew in Mapleton. We learn how the government treats crimes against cult members.

Direct download: The_Leftovers_S1E5.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 10:16pm PDT

Bon Temps has a Celebration of Life party at Sookie's, which is pretty much the dumbest thing we've ever heard.

Direct download: True_Blood_S7E5.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 8:32pm PDT

The four survivors are sent home, Eph and Nora pay a visit to the morgue, Thomas and Abraham have a sit down, and Mr. Palmer meets what's in the box. 

Direct download: The_Strain_S1E2.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 12:10am PDT

Kevin gets a visit from Lori; Tommy takes Christine to the hospital after a strange encounter; someone steals the baby Jesus from Mapleton's nativity scene. 

Direct download: The_Leftovers_S1E4.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 12:49pm PDT

In the best episode of the final season thus far, Pam and Eric team up with Sookie, Bill, and the others to pull off a rescue attempt at Fangtasia. 

Direct download: True_Blood_S7E4.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 12:23pm PDT

Something deadly has landed at JFK Airport and it's up to a CDC field team and a holocaust survivor to try and stop it from taking over the whole city.

Direct download: The_Strain_S1E1.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 8:46pm PDT

Matt tries to care for his wife and save his church. Matt is having a very bad day.

Direct download: The_Leftovers_S1E3.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 10:01am PDT

We discuss the events of True Blood S7E3 'Fire in the Hole,' and wonder what a finale season would be like if they killed Sookie off early. 

Direct download: True_Blood_S7E3.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 10:35am PDT

Jill and Aimee follow Nora, who lost her whole family on The 14th. The FBI raid Wayne's compound. Laurie puts Meg through the pledge steps for the Guilty Remnants. Kevin questions his sanity. 

Direct download: The_Leftovers_S1E2.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 10:34am PDT

Sookie takes a road trip and later sneaks off to see Bill, Arlene strikes a deal with one of her captors, and Pam finally finds Eric.

Direct download: True_Blood_S7E2.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 11:31am PDT

We discuss the first episode of HBO's The Leftovers. 

Direct download: The_Leftovers_S1E1.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 12:56pm PDT

In this episode, we talk about season 4 as whole, reveal the results of our viewer poll, and announce the winners of our recent Game of Thrones contests. Also, Natasha from UNSpoiled Podcast joins Nina in the spoiler section to talk about book details and tinfoil hat theories. 

Direct download: Game_Of_Thrones_Wrap_Up.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 3:17pm PDT

Humans works with vampires in the aftermath of the Hep-V vamp attack; Jessica guards Adilyn out of guilt; Sookie knows what the whole town thinks of her; and the final season claims its first major character. 

Direct download: True_Blood_S7E1.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 11:56am PDT

The Night's Watch receive some last-minute assistance against the wildlings, Daenerys makes a tough decision regarding her dragons, The Hound and Brienne face off, and Tyrion makes a deadly detour before escaping. 

Direct download: Game_of_Thrones_S4E10.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 11:23am PDT

While Mance's army of wildlings, giants, and mammoths attack Castle Black from the north, Ygritte, Tormund, Styr and their army attack from the south. The ragged band of Night's Watch brothers rise to the challenge, as does Jon Snow, becoming the leader we knew he could be.

Direct download: Game_of_Thrones_S4E9.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 8:21am PDT

On this week's Game of Thrones podcast we discuss eunuch love, Sansa's transformation, and the heartbreaking trial by combat. We also reference Good Times... a lot.

Direct download: Game_of_Thrones_S4E8.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 10:19am PDT

We're finally publishing the rest of our House of Cards S2 coverage, recorded in February. Here we discuss the events of episodes 9 thru 11. 

Direct download: House_of_Cards_S2E9thruE11.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 1:18pm PDT

Brienne and Podrick follow a lead from one of Arya's friends, The Hound is injured, Tyrion seeks a champion, and Lysa makes a huge mistake. 

Direct download: Game_of_Thrones_S4E7.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 10:42am PDT

Daenerys discovers it ain't easy being queen. Stannis meets with The Iron Bank of Braavos to request a loan. Tyrion goes on trial for Joffrey's murder and is shocked by one of the witnesses. 

Direct download: Game_of_Thrones_S4E6.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 11:37am PDT

Sheriff Fred let's his hurt feelings guide his stupid decisions. We learn something shocking about Marty's past. 

Direct download: Resurrection_S1E8.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 9:44am PDT

Cersei shows a softer side to Margaery, Oberyn, and Tywin. Brienne sees Pod in a new light. Arya shocks The Hound. Jon arrives at Craster's to deal with the traitors. 

Direct download: Game_of_Thrones_S4E5.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 6:54am PDT

Gary's plan has a tragic ending, Jacob makes a mysterious new friend, and Arcadia is turned upside down with the arrival of more returned.

Direct download: Resurrection_S1E7.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 4:08pm PDT

Ryan works with Joe to save Claire from Mark and Luke. 

Direct download: The_Following_S2E15.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 5:42am PDT

Jaime sends Brienne on a mission, Lady Olenna makes a confession, Jon makes a new acquaitance before heading beyond the wall, and we learn what happens to Craster's sons. 

Direct download: Game_of_Thrones_S4E4.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 7:29pm PDT

Everyone is so stupid. 

Direct download: The_Following_S2E14.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 10:33am PDT

Sansa meets her savior, Cersei calls for Tyrion's head, The Hound teaches Arya a lesson, Davos reaches out to the Iron Bank, and Dany arrives at Meereen.

Direct download: Game_of_Thrones_S4E3.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 8:25am PDT

As Election Day draws near: Maya continues to plot, Eli makes a move to regain power, and Olivia realizes she's the scandal. Join us on our last Scandal podcast of the season as we talk about the shortened season and how it affected the story. 

Direct download: Scandal_S3E18.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 11:17am PDT

Claire manipulates Carrie, Ryan infiltrates Korban with no real plan, Joe terrorizes Pastor Kingston's son, and Mike comes face-to-face with Lily.

Direct download: The_Following_S2E13.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 2:35am PDT

There's another wedding in Westeros. You know what that means. Sh*t gets real. 

Direct download: Game_of_Thrones_S4E2.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 8:12pm PDT

The church turns against Tom after Rachael's secret is revealed, Maggies calls in an old flame to make sense of it all and Marty doesn't like it one bit. 

Direct download: Resurrection_S1E6.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 2:10pm PDT

Friends and enemies work together to stop a threat against the president. Huck finally tells Quinn what he wants. And Eli brings the work of B613 to Pope and Associates.

Direct download: Scandal_S3E17.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 9:02pm PDT

There were so many things wrong with this episode: Mandy's belief that she was wanted by Lily, Claire's decision to leave her son to return to the drama, Ryan going all rogue (again), and the fact that Carrie still exists. 

Direct download: The_Following_S2E12.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 6:36pm PDT

Daenerys approaches Meereen, Arya gets revenge (and a pony!), Joffrey taunts Jaime and Cersei denies him, and Oberyn Martell arrives in Kings Landing for the royal wedding. 

Direct download: GoT_S4E1.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 9:15pm PDT

Marty and Fred race to find the stolen money in an effort to keep the FBI from getting involved. Rachael's medical examines reveals a surprising condition.

Direct download: Resurrection_S1E5.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 3:36pm PDT

Olivia uses Jake to bring down B613, but ends up making matters much, much worse. Fitz doesn't want Mellie, but he doesn't want anyone else to have her either. Maya connects with an old flame with explosive results. 

Direct download: Scandal_S3E16.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 2:43pm PDT

Lily makes a bold move to free Luke from custody, Ryan continues his relationship with Carrie (which disgusts us all), and Amanda decides she's had enough. 

Direct download: The_Following_S2E11.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 6:25am PDT

Rick, Carl, and Michonne have a terrifying run-in with Joe's gang and they're reunited with Daryl. And we finally get a look at the inside of Terminus. 

Direct download: TWD_S4E16.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 7:06am PDT

Marty believes that Caleb is a murderer and responsible for another armored car heist. Tom struggles to understand how his fiance has returned from the dead. 

Direct download: Resurrection_S1E4.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 4:24pm PDT

The Grant teenagers are home for a live interview, an affair is exposed, and Jake reminds Fitz what being Command really means. We've never laughed so hard in a Scandal podcast. 

Direct download: 72.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 9:59pm PDT

Joe sends out a quartet of crazy to deliver more butcher knife messages. Mike tells Claire to have several seats. Ryan gets closer to Carrie and we hate it. A lot. 

Direct download: 71.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 6:38pm PDT

Daryl learns the rules of his new group; Michonne continues to bond with Carl as they head to Terminus; and a long-awaited reunion occurs. 

Direct download: 70.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 5:34am PDT

Marty investigates Caleb and makes a startling discovery; Henry has a hard time accepting Jacob; and Tom gets a visitor. 

Direct download: Resurrection_S1E3.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 12:36pm PDT

Pope & Associates work to find the killer of someone close to them, Fitz tries to win the endorsement of gun lobbyists, and Mellie gives in to temptation. 

Direct download: 68.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 8:41pm PDT

Joe has a message for the world, Carrie comes under attack, and Mike sneaks off for a secret meeting with a familiar face. 

Direct download: 67.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 6:54pm PDT

Carol and Tyreese find a safe shelter on their way to Terminus, and finally realize how damaged Lizzie really is. This was a brutal episode that had us divided. 

Direct download: 66.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 1:47pm PDT

In this episode, Caleb continues to be creepy and doesn't offer up any answer (or questions), Marty gets the Langston family tomb opened, people in the community shun Jacob, and Maggie confronts her mother's lover, who is hiding a secret of his own. 

Direct download: Resurrection_S1E2.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 2:32pm PDT

In this episode, we are reminded by the show is called Scandal. No one is clean. There are no innocents. Jake steps into the role of Command by doing what it takes to protect the Republic. Also, Sally's exorcism doesn't quite take. 

Direct download: 64.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 4:16pm PDT

In this episode, Ryan gets special permission to go all covert ops on dat ass. Mike continues to give zero fucks. And Joe shows Micah how true manipulation works, and Micah doesn't even know it. P.S. Nina hated this episode. Meghan and John did not. Lots of cussing ensued. 

Direct download: 63.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 2:09pm PDT

Daryl and Beth find refuge and comfort in a funeral home. Maggie tries going it alone. And Bob spits the weakest game in the zombie apocalypse. 

Direct download: 62.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 7:18am PDT

In this episode, a small boy is found in China and returned home to his parents in Missouri. There's only one problem: Their son has been dead for 32 years. How is it possible that their son has returned and looks exactly as he did 32 years ago?

Direct download: 61.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 10:04pm PDT

In this episode, Mellie tries to keep Andrew at a distance, Harrison gets in deeper with Adnan (not a euphemism), Fitz is jealous over Jake, and Jake learns more about B613.

Direct download: 60.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 10:50am PDT

In this episode, Lily gets revenge on Mike and Ryan while Joes finds himself in over his head in a new cult. 

Direct download: 59.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 4:22pm PDT

In this episode of The Walking Dead, the tension between Beth and Daryl comes to a head. And there's snake jerky and moonshine. 

Direct download: 58.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 10:29am PDT

Scandal is finally back! Sally shakes up the White House, Mellie makes moves to solidify Fitz's position, Harrison finally gets a storyline, and Quinn's new name is Stranger Danger. 

Direct download: 57.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 11:58am PDT

In this episode: Ryan finally calls for back up, Mike is officially not fucking around anymore, and Joe makes a decision about his future.

Direct download: 56.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 10:36pm PDT

In this episode Rick deals with intruders while Carl and Michonne bond over a supply run, and Glenn tries to get away from Abraham's group. We also announce our new podcast 'Project Fandom's Throwback Thursday Podcast.' 

Direct download: 55.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 6:44am PDT

In this episode, Nina reflects on how much she hated it. Also, Nina, John, and Meghan wonder if Ryan Hardy has finally gone too far. 

Direct download: 54.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 3:28pm PDT

This week we get to find out what happened to the rest of the gang post prison attack. Maggie searches for Glenn, Beth searches for Hope, Glenn searches for Maggie, and Lizzie searches for something to kill. 

Direct download: 53.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 8:50pm PDT

Our House of Cards season 2 marathon continues with coverage of episodes 5, 6, 7, and 8. The rivalry between Frank and Tusk heats up, Freddy gets caught up in the fray, and a secret of Claire's is revealed. 

Direct download: 52.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 11:51am PDT

The Netflix original series House of Cards is back for its second season. The political drama starring Kevin Spacey as the devious Frank Underwood is about as binge-worthy as TV gets. That's exactly what Nina and John are doing this Valentine's Day weekend. Here, they podcap episodes 1 thru 4. Look for the podcast for episodes 5 - 8 later today. 

Direct download: 51.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 1:10pm PDT

This week on The Following: Joe comes home, one of the cult members has a connection to the FBi, and Max follows a lead. 

Direct download: 50.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 9:07pm PDT

The mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead S4 was a great one. In this episode, Nina, John, and Meghan discuss the aftermath of the prison attack including Carl's anger and his relationship with Rick and Michonne's past and what it means for her future with the group. We also read listener feedback and award the Tweet of the Week. 

Direct download: 49.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 9:17pm PDT

In this episode we make wild and crazy predictions for the upcoming latter half of The Walking Dead season 4. 

Direct download: 48.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 10:06am PDT

Nina, Meghan, and John discuss the episode 'Trust Me.' They pat themselves on the back for beign right about Lily Gray and debate whether or not Ryan Hardy's actions make any sense. Also, they express admiration for Amanda's survival skills. 

Direct download: 47.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 6:20am PDT

It is with great sadness that we bring you our last American Horror Story:Coven podcast. We're still 'casting other shows, of course, but this show has held a special place in our hearts. It gets the most downloads and the fan feedback has been amazing. Thank you guys so much for listening and joining the conversation. Check out our other shows and join us when we come back to cover the next season of American Horror Story.

Direct download: 46.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 9:39pm PDT

This week we learn more about Joe's life as Daryl, living with the hooker who makes house calls. We also give serious side-eye to Lily Gray, who manages to escape the creepy twins again. And we're just counting down the days until Giselle kills poor, stupid Carlos.

Direct download: 45.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 8:02am PDT

To fill the void that America Horror Story will be leaving in our hearts this week, we decided to begin coverage of the second season of The Following. This second season premiere reveals that Kevin Bacon's Ryan Hardy is a changed man... or is he? And Joe Carroll is dead... or is he? We hope you'll join us every week as we try to figure out who's in the cult! 

Direct download: 44.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 4:03pm PDT

Nina discusses her experience at Wizard World Portland Comic Con with John and Meghan, including the highlights of panels featuring Burt Ward and Adam West (Batman), Laurie Holden and Jon Bernthal (The Walking Dead), Stan Lee, and Michael Rooker (The Walking Dead, Guardians of the Galaxy). Also, she talks about taking photos with Norman Reedus and Michael Rooker.

Direct download: 43.mp3
Category:Comic Con -- posted at: 7:26pm PDT

It's just John and Nina this week, giving a scene-by-scene breakdown of American Horror Story: Coven 'Go to Hell.' In this episode, they make predictions on who the Supreme will be FINALLY and read through some listener feedback. 

Direct download: 42.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 7:09am PDT

The full gang is back to discuss the latest episode of American Horror Story Coven. It wasn't our favorite, but as usual, we had a great time talking about it. We even have a spoiler section featuring tidbits from an Entertainment Weekly interview with show creator Ryan Murphy.

Direct download: 41.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 8:58pm PDT





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