Episode 219: Game of Thrones - S5E6 - Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken

Tyrion and Jorah's situation goes from bad to worse, the Sand Snakes attack, and Sansa gets married again. 

Direct download: Game_of_Thrones_S5E6.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 2:30pm PDT

Episode 218: Wayward Pines - S1E1 - Where Paradise is Home

Secret Service agent Ethan Burke wakes up in Wayward Pines, Idaho after an accident he doesn't remember.

Direct download: Wayward_Pines_S1E1.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 12:27pm PDT

Episode 217: The Flash - S1E22 - Rogue Air

The suit came out of the ring. THE SUIT CAME OUT OF THE RING!

Direct download: The_Flash_S1E22.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 11:46pm PDT

Episode 216: Game of Thrones - S5E5 - Kill the Boy

We discuss Jon's decision, Stannis' love of grammar, the dragons' table manners, and the Doom of Valyria.

Direct download: Game_of_Thrones_S5E5.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 5:28pm PDT

Episode 215: The Flash - S1E21 - Grodd Lives

Iris finally knows (almost) everything, Wells won't feed Eddie, and Grodd outchea stealing gold bars. 

Direct download: The_Flash_S1E21.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 3:09pm PDT

Episode 214: Game of Thrones - S5E4 - Sons of the Harpy

Melisandre wishes to serve her lord, who lives in Jon Snow's pants; Cersei is handing out power all willy-nilly; Jaime and Bronn arrive in Dorne; we finally meet the Sand Snakes; the Sons of the Harpy are assholes. 

Direct download: Game_of_Thrones_S5E4.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 1:44pm PDT

Episode 213: The Flash - S1E20 - The Trap

Barry thinks he's building a trap for Wells, but Wells is about ten steps ahead and out of f*cks to give. Also, Iris has a spark of inspiration. 

Direct download: The_Flash_S1E20.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 2:35pm PDT

Episode 212: Game of Thrones - S5E3 - High Sparrow

Sansa can't catch a break, Tyrion thinks with the wrong head, Jon has had just about enough of Janos Slynt, and Cersei makes a new ally.

Direct download: Game_of_Thrones_S5E3.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 12:36pm PDT

Episode 211: Scandal - S4E20 - First Lady Sings the Blues

Olivia helps an ex-KGB agent in order to save Jake, but she ends up bringing her father's henchman into her inner circle. Mellie hits her first camaign speed bump.

Direct download: Scandal_S4E20.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 2:16pm PDT

Episode 210: The Flash - S1E19 - Who is Harrison Wells?

We discuss Caitlin's recklessness, Joe hitting Det. Lance with that black fatherhood, and Eddie's lies. 

Direct download: The_Flash_S1E19.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 12:09pm PDT

Episode 209: Games of Thrones - S5E2 - The House of Black and White

We discuss Daenerys' dilemma, Drogon's visit, Cersei's necklace, Jaime's trip, and Jon's decision.

Direct download: Game_of_Thrones_S5E2.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 12:32am PDT

Episode 208: Scandal - S4E19 - I'm Just a Bill

Olivia helps a mayoral cadidate avoid a scandal, Papa Pope delivers another threat, VP Ross is no one's fool, and ProFan Nina is starting to hate this show.

Direct download: Scandal_S4E19.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 12:11pm PDT

Episode 207: The Flash - S1E18 - All Star Team Up

The all-stars got together and delivered a pretty weak episode. We talk about the epiosde including: Ray and Felicity visit Central City, guest star Emily Kinney, and why Eddie should tell Iris the truth.

Direct download: The_Flash_S1E18.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 12:52am PDT

Episode 206: Game of Thrones - S5E1 - The Wars to Come

We discuss the season 5 premiere of Game of Thrones including: creppy stone eyes, new Daario's new butt versus new Daario's old butt, whether or not Daenerys can read, Lancel's new workout plan, and Sassy Sansa. 

Direct download: Game_of_Thrones_S5E1.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 12:17pm PDT

Episode 205: Scandal - S4E18 - Honor Thy Father

Jake is crazy... like a fox! David, Huck, Quinn, and Charlie try to recruit ex-B613 to their cause. Olivia works to free a man from death row and Mellie receives a visit from her sister. 

Direct download: Scandal_S4E18.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 7:03pm PDT

Episode 204: The Flash - S1E17 - Tricksters

In this week's The Flash podcast we discuss Barry having no chill when it comes to his suspicions about Wells, Gideon's attitude, and wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff with Eobard and Wells.

Direct download: The_Flash_S1E17.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 11:15pm PDT

Episode 203: The Walking Dead - S5E16 - Conquer

We discuss the season five finale of The Walking Dead, name the Tweet o' the Week Winner for the season, announce the death pool winner, and read great listener feedback. 

Direct download: The_Walking_Dead_S5E16.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 11:36pm PDT

Episode 202: Scandal - S4E17 - Put a Ring on It

Olivia organizes a shotgun White House wedding for Cyrus to squash a brewing sex scandal. 

Direct download: Scandal_S4E17.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 6:45pm PDT

Episode 201: The Flash - S1E16 - Rogue Time

Barry goes back in time and tries to do the right thing (catch the Weather Wizard), but ends up making some things worse (alienates Iris). 

Direct download: The_Flash_S1E16.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 9:40pm PDT

Episode 200: The Walking Dead - S5E15 - Try

In the penultimate episode of The Walking Dead: Daryl and Aaron make a grisly discovery, Sasha goes hunting and unravels, Enid and Carl sneak away, and Rick waters the seeds of doubt planted by Gabriel. 

Direct download: The_Walking_Dead_S5E15.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 9:28pm PDT

Episode 199: Scandal - S4E16 - It's Good to Be Kink

Olivia tries to shut down a salacious memoir that would hurt Abby. We weren't thrilled with this episode and wondered what kind of message it was trying to send.

Direct download: Scandal_S4E16.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 1:32am PDT

Episode 198: Empire - S1E11/S1E12 - Die But Once/Who I Am

This Empire podcast is filled with laughter and really bad Terrence Howard impressions. We do discuss the 2-hour finale and all the twists and turns including: that pregnancy, that diagnosis, that murder, and that ending.

Direct download: Empire_S1E11_S1E12.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 1:01am PDT

Episode 197: The Flash - S1E15 - Out of Time

Mark Mardon comes to Center City seeking revenge against Joe. Iris plants seeds of doubt about Wells, and struggles with her feelings for Barry. 

Direct download: The_Flash_S1E15.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 11:24pm PDT

Episode 196: The Walking Dead - S5E14 - Spend

In this week's The Walking Dead podcast, we discussed: charges of racism levied against the show, the possible wife beater plot twist, Glenn and Abe both stepping up, and that gruesome death. 

Direct download: The_Walking_Dead_S5E14.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 10:47pm PDT

Episode 195: Scandal - S4E15 - The Testimony of Diego Muñoz

In this week's Scandal podcast, we spend about 70% of the time discussing the episode and the other 30% trying to remember the characters' names on 227.

Direct download: Scandal_S4E15.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 1:28am PDT

Episode 194: Empire - S1E10 - Sins of the Father

Lucious dropped a bombshell, Cookie struggled to understand Andre’s condition, Jamal lost his second boo, Camilla was banished, and Malcom got the cookies.

Direct download: Empire_S1E10.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 11:02pm PDT

Episode 193: The Walking Dead - S5E13 - Forget

In this week's The Walking Dead podcast, we discuss that horse, that party, that kiss, and those damn cookies. 

Direct download: The_Walking_Dead_S5E13.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 12:07am PDT

Episode 192: Scandal - S4E14 - The Lawn Chair

Scandal tackled Ferguson in an episode featuring Courtney B. Vance as the father of a young man killed by a white police officer. 

Direct download: Scandal_S4E14.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 2:36pm PDT

Episode 191: Empire - S1E9 - Unto the Breach

In this week's Empire podcast: We discuss Anika's betrayal (both giving and receiving), Hakeem's surprising honesty, Jamal's defiance, Cookie's drinking, and Andre's meltdown. 

Direct download: Empire_S1E9.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 11:13am PDT

Episode 190: The Following - S3E1 - New Blood

It's been a year since Joe Carroll was caught - again - and everyone seems fairly happy: Mike has a new job within the FBI as does Max, and both Max and Ryan have new loves. In less than a month, Joe will finally be executed for his crimes.

What could possibly go wrong?

Oh, how about the homicidal twin who blames all three of them for the deaths of his family? Yeah. That goes very wrong.

Direct download: The_Following_S3E1.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 12:15am PDT

Episode 189: The Walking Dead - S5E12 - Remember

We're joined by Bobby Finstock to discuss The Walking Dead S5E12, 'Remember.' We discuss Carl finding the worst teens ever in the apocalypse, crazy hairdressers, Daryl's poor social skills, Carol's cardigan, and beard maintenance. 

Direct download: The_Walking_Dead_S5E12.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 12:38am PDT

Episode 188: Empire - S1E8 - The Lyon's Roar

We begin our late Empire podcast coverage discussing Boo Boo Kitty's low-key blackmail, Jamal roaring out of the closet, Hakeem's mommy issues, and Cookie's ultimatum to Lucious. 

Direct download: Empire_S1E8.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 10:06pm PDT

Episode 187: Sleepy Hollow - S2E18 - Tempus Fugit

The second season finale of Sleepy Hollow was ALL THE THINGS. We discuss how deliciously evil Katrina could be, Abbie's 1700s shenanigans, stiff upper lip Crane, and that undeniable Team Witness chemistry. 

Direct download: Sleepy_Hollow_S2E18.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 10:00am PDT

Episode 186: The Walking Dead - S5E11 - The Distance

Karen from The Black Guy Who Tips podcast joins us to discuss Rick's immediate distrust of Aaron and Michonne's willingness to believe. Also, Judith is over everyone's shit. 

Direct download: The_Walking_Dead_S5E11.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 10:31am PDT

Episode 185: Scandal - S4E13 - No More Blood

Rod from The Black Guy Who Tips podcast joins us to discuss Olivia's rescue, Papa Pope fishing, and that Olitz reunion. 

Direct download: Scandal_S4E13.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 9:03pm PDT

Episode 184: 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Movie Review

We went to see 50 Shades of Grey, and now we're talking about it. Was it awful? Did the actors have chemistry? Was this movie romanticizing an abusive relationship? Why did Ana have a flip phone? We try to answer these questions. 

Direct download: Fifty_Shades_of_Grey.mp3
Category:Movies -- posted at: 8:30pm PDT

Episode 183: Sleepy Hollow - S2E17 - Awakening

In Sleepy Hollow's season two penultimate episode: Katrina goes full evil, Mr. and Mrs. BAMF face off, Abbie goes back in time to the 1700s, and we cross our fingers for a season three. 

Direct download: Sleepy_Hollow_S2E17.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 9:16pm PDT

Episode 182: The Walking Dead - S5E10 - Them

In this solo podcast, ProFan Nina talks about the events in The Walking Dead 5.10 'Them,' including: the groups slow and hungry trek to D.C., and three members of the group on the verge of giving up. 

Direct download: The_Walking_Dead_S5E10.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 2:53pm PDT

Episode 181: The Slap - S1E1 - Hector

During Hector's 40th birthday party he struggles to keep the peace between his paretns and his wife, and his cousin and his friends. He also struggles not to flirt with the babysitter. Then someone slaps a kid and the party comes to a screeching halt. 

Direct download: The_Slap_S1E1.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 11:05am PDT

Episode 180: Scandal - S4E12 - 'Gladiators Don't Run'

We're joined by Rod from The Black Guy Who Tips podcast to discuss this week's Scandal including:  Andrew's desperate moves and Mellie's mega ambition.

Direct download: Scandal_S4E12.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 1:46am PDT

Episode 179: Sleepy Hollow - S2E16 - What Lies Beneath

Team Witness meets ex-president T-Jeezy. They also fight evil Reavers because anything named Reaver has to be bad. There's a possible new love interest for Abbie, you know, if the show gets renewed. 

Direct download: Sleepy_Hollow_S2E16.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 9:07am PDT

Episode 178: The Walking Dead - S5E9 - What Happened and What's Going On

In this week's The Walking Dead podcast: Are Rick and Michonne already doing it? Nina thinks so. What's up with "wolves" and Ws? Is Noah a bad luck charm? Also, RIP Tyreese.

Direct download: The_Walking_Dead_S5E9.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 12:42pm PDT

Episode 177: Scandal - S4E11 - Where's The Black Lady?

In this week's Scandal podcast: we marvel over how little power Fitz actually has, and we wonder if Ian travels with a flat iron. 

Direct download: Scandal_S4E11.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 3:20am PDT

Episode 176: Sleepy Hollow - S2E15 - Spellcaster

In this week's Sleepy Hollow podcast: We're pretty sure Nicole Beharie is pregnant (at least 2 of us are), we're excited that Katrina is dancing towards the dark side, we can't wait to see what unfolds in these final three episodes.

Direct download: Sleepy_Hollow_S2E15.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 9:34pm PDT

Episode 175: Scandal - S4E10 - Run

In this Scandal podcast we discuss Olivia being broken, Ian being a plant, and Olivia's hair struggle. Overall, we really enjoyed the episode.

Direct download: Scandal_S4E10.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 11:19am PDT

Episode 174: Sleepy Hollow - S2E14 - 'Kali Yuga'

This episode feels like Sleepy Hollow is finally heading in the direction we want: more Ichabod and Abbie, Hawley set to the background (if not gone forever), and Katrina tippy-toe'ing to the dark side. Maybe. 

Direct download: Sleepy_Hollow_S2E14.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 1:26pm PDT

Episode 173: AHS: Freak Show - S4E13 - 'Curtain Call'

In our final American Horror Story: Freak Show podcast of the season, we discuss Dandy's rampage, Amazon Eve's surprisingly ineffective fighting, three-headed babies, and Elsa's happy ending.

Direct download: AHS_S4E13.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 12:21am PDT

Episode 172: Sleepy Hollow S2E13 'Pittura Infamante'

In this week's Sleepy Hollow podcast, we can't understand why the writers think we want this much Katrina...ever. Also, we love Orlando Jones' understated performance, but still don't trust Captain Irving. And we love all the shade from Abbie and how she's just about out of fucks to give.

Direct download: Sleepy_Hollow_S2E13.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 12:57pm PDT

Episode 171: American Horror Story: Freak Show S4E12 'Show Stoppers'

In the penultimate episode of season 4, we discuss Stanley's demise, Chester's descent into madness, and the implications of Dandy owning the freak show.

Direct download: AHS_S4E12.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 11:33am PDT

Episode 170: AHS: Freak Show S4E11 'Magical Thinking'

In this week's American Horror Story: Freak Show podcast: Dell finally gets his comeuppance. What does this mean for Richard now that Elsa knows the truth? Neil Patrick Harris joins the show as Chester, a magician who connects with the twins and, in the process, pisses off Dandy.

Direct download: AHS_S4E11.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 5:47am PDT

Episode 169: Sleepy Hollow - S2E12 - 'Paradise Lost'

Orion, the angel, arrives in Sleepy Hollow and he's heaven bent on killing the Headless Horseman. 

Direct download: Sleepy_Hollow_S2E12.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 11:24am PDT

Episode 168: American Horror Story Freak Show S4E10 'Orphans'

Elsa tries to reunite Pepper with her family after another death at the freak show. Maggie is overcome with guilt and confides in Desiree. 

Direct download: AHS_FS_S4E10.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 5:47pm PDT

Episode 167: American Horror Story Freak Show S4E9 'Tupperware Party Massacre'

Elsa and Richard promise the twins they'll get their operation, Jimmy spirals out of control after Ethel's death, and Dandy claims more victims while gaining a powerful ally.

Direct download: AHS_FS_S4E9.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 11:18pm PDT

We discuss the Sleepy Hollow winter finale including Irving's fate, Ichabod and Katrina's fight, and Ichabod's need for a motorcycle.

Direct download: Sleepy_Hollow_S2E11.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 2:46am PDT

In this week's Freak Show podcast: we discuss losing two major cast members, the new fat lady, Ethel's plan, Elsa's flashback, and Regina's sass.

Direct download: AHSFS_4.8.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 11:40pm PDT

Episode 164: The Walking Dead S5E8 'Coda'

In this week's The Walking Dead podcast we reveal the results of our death predictions, talk about how Beth got done dirty, and read a ton of hilarious listener feedback.

Direct download: The_Walking_Dead_S5E8.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 12:06am PDT

Crane and Mills search for a sword that can defeat Moloch while Jenny tries to help Irving flee the country.

Direct download: Sleepy_Hollow_S2E10.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 1:01pm PDT

Why is Tyreese's nonsense infecting the group? Where the hell is Gabriel going? What was in that bag Tara found? These are just a few questions we try to answer in this week's The Walking Dead podcast. 

Direct download: The_Walking_Dead_S5E7.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 6:38pm PDT

Rod from The Black Guy Who Tips podcast joins us to discuss Olivia's abduction, Papa Pope's all-knowing and all-seeing ways, and what it means to be a Bitchbaby.

Direct download: Scandal_S4E9.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 2:20pm PDT

In this week's AHSFS podcast: Dell gives in to blackmail and the twins blackmail Elsa. 

Direct download: AHSFS_S4E7.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 11:28pm PDT

Abby and Jenny investigate a string of suicides at Tarrytown while Katrina struggles with Baby Moloch.

Direct download: Sleepy_Hollow_S2E9.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 10:02pm PDT

In this week's The Walking Dead podcast: Nina and John are divided. They discuss the questionable decisions made by Carol and Daryl, the possibility of losing Carol before the end of the mid-season, and just how much ass Rick is going to jump in next week.

Direct download: The_Walking_Dead_S5E6.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 12:26pm PDT

In this week's Scandal podcast: Everyone gets played. 

Direct download: Scandal_S4E8.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 11:16pm PDT

In this week's American Horror Story: Freak Show podcast we discuss: Dandy's attempt at playing house, Esmerelda's plot against Ma Petite, Elsa unraveling, and Paul's tragic circumstances. 

Direct download: AHS_Freak_Show_S4E6.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 11:00pm PDT

Abby, Crane, and Katrina work to stop a succubus who's feeding souls to Moloch.

Direct download: Sleepy_Hollow_S2E8.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 8:53pm PDT

This week we're joined by Karen from The Black Guy Who Tips to discuss The Walking Dead S5E5 'Self Help.' We talk about Eugene's betrayal, boiling toilet water, Eugene being a peeping Tom, and the zombie Slip-n-Slide.

Direct download: The_Walking_Dead_S5E5.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 12:29am PDT

Abby has a gun, Huck's son has skills, Quinn confronts a man with nothing to lose, and Olivia puts on her big girl pants to play Papa Pope... and Fitz.

Direct download: Scandal_S4E7.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 9:58am PDT

In this week's AHS: Freak Show podcast we discuss which is worse: Desiree making out with Dell or with Jimmy. And we hate Dell. 

Direct download: AHS_Freak_Show_S4E5.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 4:03pm PDT

Katrina is pregnant, Abby is put in the middle, and Henry has a jar of evil.

Direct download: Sleepy_Hollow_S2E7.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 9:11pm PDT

Beth is trapped in a hospital with a whole lotta crazy. 

Direct download: The_Walking_Dead_S5E4.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 9:42am PDT

It is with deep sadness that we tell you our friend, Meghan, passed away. We will be pausing all podcasts for the week. We'll resume our regular recording schedule with next week's The Walking Dead podcast. Thanks for your understanding. 

Direct download: Meghan.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 6:16pm PDT

Rod from The Black Guy Who Tips Podcast joins us again to discuss the recent episode of Scandal including Olivia's sudden belief in Rowan, Jake's happy place, Lauren's secret life, and Mellie's questionable reaction to finding out her son was murdered.

Direct download: Scandal_S4E5.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 1:52pm PDT

The spirirt of a murderer arrives at the freak show. Twisty adds to his people collection.

Direct download: AHSFS_S4E3.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 6:12pm PDT

Ichabod finds out that Katrina has lied again, we wonder what the hell a hellfire shard is, and a Mills sister lays a big one on Hawley.

Direct download: Sleepy_Hollow_S2E5.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 10:42pm PDT

Rick and the group rescue a suspicious preacher and then make a risky run for supplies. Dary gets a lead on Beth. One of the group is captured and changed forever. 

Direct download: The_Walking_Dead_S5E2.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 2:01am PDT

Olivia helps locate a sex tape starring the first daughter. Jake tries to convince Tom to turn on Rowan. 

Direct download: Scandal_S4E4.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 10:36am PDT

In this week's American Horror Story: Freak Show podcast we discuss Patti LaBelle's shade, Stabby the Clown, and having three boobs.

Direct download: AHS_Freak_Show_S4E2.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 12:31am PDT

Ichabod and Abbie race to find a young girl lured away from her home by The Pied Piper. Irving confronts Henry about his true identity.

Direct download: Sleepy_Hollow_S2E4.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 12:25am PDT

In the season five opener, the group attempts a brutal escape from Terminus with the help of an old friend. And in a Marvelesque move, an extra scene after the credits reveals a fan-favorite's return. 

Direct download: TWD_S5E1.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 2:25am PDT

Olivia helps a friend from law school locate her missing daughter. Jake confronts Eli with what he knows about Harrison's death. Mellie becomes obsessed with a high profile murder case. Cyrus pays a lot for sex... more than he knows. 

Direct download: Scandal_S4E3.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 2:47am PDT

Our first AHS Freak Show podcast covered freaky Tupperware parties where The Shocker became The Claw, bad accents, and the scariest clown ever. 

Direct download: AHSFS_S4E1.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 1:38am PDT

Crane and Abbie work to stop Jenny, who's possessed by a supernatural coin, from murdering Reyes. Katrina tries to connect with Henry. An associate of Jenny's rubs Crane the wrong way and Irving learns Henry's true identity.

Direct download: Sleepy_Hollow_S2E3.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 12:24am PDT

In the season one finale of The Strain, Abraham leads the team in an attack of The Master's new lair. 

Direct download: The_Strain_S1E13.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 2:06pm PDT

Marty investigates a strange man out at the hunting cabin, Tom's wife tries to deal with Rachel living in her house... with her husband... without her there, and Jacob bonds with his grandmother. 

Direct download: Resurrection_S2E2.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 1:20am PDT

Rod from The Black Guy Who Tips Podcast joins Nina and Meghan to discuss Jake's investigation into Harrison's death, Mellie's fried chicken, Cyrus' hookup, and Quinn and Huck being the worst babysitters ever. 

Direct download: Scandal_S4E2.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 1:26am PDT

Ichabod and Abby work to raise The Kindred with the hopes that he can take on The Headless Horseman while they free Katrina. There's a new sheriff in town and she's the worst. Irving agress to something without reading the terms of service. 

Direct download: Sleepy_Hollow_S2E2.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 10:36am PDT

In the penultimate episode of the season, Abraham remembers losing his wife, Ke$ha has a plan, and Gus goes in search of supplies.

Direct download: The_Strain_S1E12.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 1:42am PDT

Marty learns that he and Jacob have a lot in common, Rachel's pregnancy is progressing quickly, and Jacob grandmother returns from the dead. 

Direct download: Resurrection_S2E1.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 12:44am PDT

Olivia returns to D.C. to bury a friend and is surprised to find the condition of Pope & Associates and those she left behind. 

Direct download: Scandal_S4E1.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 9:09pm PDT

In our first Sleepy Hollow podcast: Nina, Sarah, and Robyn discuss the Ichabod/Abbie reunion we waited all summer to see. 

Direct download: Sleepy_Hollow_S2E1.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 12:09am PDT

Eph, Nora, Abe, and Fet head into the train tunnels to kill The Master. Zach has to deal with Nora's mom.

Direct download: The_Strain_S1E11.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 1:45pm PDT

Eph retraces Kelly's steps hoping to find her alive. Vasiliy and Dutch head over to The Stoneheart Group so she can try to undo the damage she caused. 

Direct download: The_Strain_S1E10.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 11:17pm PDT

This episode is filled with unnecessary pit stops and a search for a character we care nothing about. But Fet is awesome, as usual, and we finally get to see The Master's face. We'll pretend that awkward sex scene with Eph and Nora didn't happen.

Direct download: The_Strain_S1E9.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 1:07am PDT

In the season finale of The Leftovers: Kevin enlists Matt's help and has a chance encounter with Wayne, The Guilty Remnants carry out their Memorial Day mission, Nora makes a decision about her future. 

Direct download: The_Leftovers_S1E10.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 11:50pm PDT

We're joined by Karen from The Black Guy Who Tips podcast to discuss the latest episode of The Strain. In it, Vasiliy joins the team as they are trapped in a convenience store with hungry strigoi outside. 

Direct download: The_Strain_S1E8.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 7:55pm PDT

We close the coffin on True Blood with this discussion on the series finale. We also announce the shows we'll be covering this fall, plus feedback and iTunes reviews.

Direct download: True_Blood_S7E10.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 7:34am PDT

Abraham, Eph, and Nora set a trap for the master using Jim as bait. Gus is processed into jail with an infected Felix. We meet a new creature with his own agenda.

Direct download: The_Strain_S1E7.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 11:47pm PDT

The Garveys at their best seems to be pretty bad: Kevin is unhappy and cheats, Laurie is keeping a secret, Jill suspects her parents are going to break up, and Tommy can't deal with the fact that his biological father wants nothing to do with him.

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The ProFans have spoken! We hand out the 2014 ProFannys to honor the best in television. 

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After demanding that Bill release her, Jessica seeks comfort from Hoyt. Sookie learns that Sam has left town for good. Eric plays mediator for Bill and Sookie. Ginger finally got what she's been wanting. 

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