New anime time! You guys voted so we're checking out Bungo Stray Dogs! What a beautiful show! Loving the color palette and the music slaps too. Lots of setup, but we're here for it.

Enjoy this one-time free access to our premium coverage of Bungo Stray Dogs. To hear us cover the entire show, you can sign up on Patreon.

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Character inconsistencies abound! But, as usual, time spent with The Crows is fun as hell. 

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I'm back with another ProFan interview! This time, Tamela and I discuss meeting for the first time at a BTS concert, indie music, and her special connection to a Harry Potter character. 

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Only took a year and a cross-country move but we finally made it to Ted Lasso! We talk about our feelings on the series overall and read your feedback as we break down the events in the season three premiere. Enjoy this sneak peek at our premium coverage of Ted Lasso.

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Here's a free listen to our premium coverage of Yellowjackets season 2: 

Shauna and Jeff remain (toxic) couple goals despite being terrible at destroying evidence. How you gonna leave bodily fluids at a crime scene? 

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We're back to discuss all things Darkling (including chittering chitterings), Grishas, Crows (and definitely not vampires), and some girl named Alina.

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