Our second, and probably last, standalone Governor episode reveals that not much has changed. The Governor will still kill, lie, and take charge to protect what's his. Nina, John, and Meghan discuss the penultimate episode of the first half of season 4. And there's a super spoilery spoiler section. 

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Nina, Meghan, and Margeaux discuss the episode of Scandal we've all been waiting for: Olivia and Fitz finally have sex this season! He also bulit her a house in Vermont. Let's just call him President Pantydropper. 

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This was a podcast divided. Ellen and Meghan enjoyed this episode while Nina and John didn't. That didn't stop them from having a good time talking about it. 

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The first Governor standalone episode of The Walking Dead this season picked up right where we last saw the patch-eyed villain in season 3. Nina, John, and Meghan discuss what he was up to and predict how he'll re-enter the picture for the prison gang. Stay tuned for after the outro music for a mega-spoiler section. 

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Nina, John, Meghan, and Ellen discuss The Axeman Cometh. They were underwhelmed by the episdoe, but had a lot of fun talking about it. Don't let their mocking of Sarah Paulson's scream fool you. They love her.

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This may be our best The Walking Dead podcast yet. Fitting since we all agreed Internment has been the best episode of the season so far.

What you can look forward to in this episode:

  • Nina wants Lizzie dead, but Meghan and John are more sympathetic towards her.
  • Lots of love for Scott Wilson
  • Nina wanted Glenn to die. John and Meghan? Not so much.
  • A lot of listener feedback with some awesome predictions... and we laughed a lot reading it.
  • *Nina goes on two or three F-bomb laced rants... all of them may or may not have been about Lizzie.
Show Notes

Here's our post from July about the Governor's two standalone episodes.

Check out how massive the ratings are for The Walking Dead.  

*Wow. Nina really did say "fuck" a lot in this podcast. She apologizes. Maybe.

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Nina, Margeaux, and John discuss the Scandal's sixth episode of season three, 'Icarus.' They discuss the complexities of the characters who are, by all accounts, not very nice people, and their ability to do good things. They also question just how much older than Olivia is Fitz? And how much did he know about her mother's death?

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Nina, John, Meghan, and returning guest Ellen discuss American Horror Story Coven 'Burn, Witch. Burn!' 

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In this episode, Nina, Meghan, and John discuss Rick's decision to banish Carol and Daryl delivering an epic forehead check on Bob. 

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In this week's Scandal podcast Nina, Meghan, and Kituria break down S3E5 'More Cattle, Less Bull.' They're pretty much over Quinn's whiny ass and they hand out major props to Mellie, the only one on the show getting shit done anymore. And Harrison is over EVERYBODY'S shit. He just tryna keep the lights on!

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ProFans Nina, John, and Meghan are once again joined by Ellen Moschetto to discuss the latest American Horror Story Coven episode. They try to figure out what happened between Queenie and the minotaur and they coin the term 'facetaint.' 

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