We look forward to supporting all of Rhaenyra's war crimes in season 2.

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In which we devote our hearts to Prince Bojji, first of his name. 

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Y'all weren't gonna tell me walkers are climbing ladders and turning doorknobs now?

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When Hanbada takes on a case involving ATMs, it cements for Woo Young-woo the type of attorney she wants to be. Episode 6, "If I Were a Whale" focuses on a North Korean defector and the power of a mother's love.


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That castle was dark, dank, and full of treason. Delicious, frustrating, dragon-killing treason. 

Alicent is ready to usurp Rhaenyra's crown before she ever gets to wear it based on a misunderstanding, but draws the line at not being involved in the planning all along... despite knowing ALL ALONG this is what her father was going to do. Criston Cole continues to murder with impunity and Rhaenys is very selective about who she murders with her dragon (but whatever; it looked amazing). Oh, and we hanging Lords in the foyer and there was foot play. It was a lot and it's not even the finale.

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Saeroyi helps those around him in order for his new business location to succeed; after Geun-won messes up again, Jang has to choose between his son and his company.

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Vaemond said the quiet part out loud. War soon come.

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Carol and Negan rush to find leverage against Hornsby. 

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There was so much treason going on. And that child just colonized a dragon. 

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Saeroyi stays a step or two ahead of Jang with the help of a not-so-secret-anymore alliance. We finally get a bit of Toni's storyline and the prejudice and racism he faces as a Black Korean. 

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Attorney Woo defends an autistic young man accused of murdering his brother, and we see the origins of the bestest besties.

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