Hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend. 

We're surprisingly sad to see this show go. 11 seasons - some great and some not so - culminated in a satisfying finale that nicely set up the spinoffs. 

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Can we please stop shooting the Grimes children? Who will kill Pamela? Will Rick and Michonne return for the finale? Are we even ready for this series finale?

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One of the things we really love about this series is how it highlights serious issues in South Korean society. This week it's the push by parents to have their kids be successful in school and the lack of care and understanding given to folks with autism. 

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Itaewon Class comes to a very satisfying conclusion. In 16 episodes it examined class status, prejudice against the trans community, and who gets to be considered Korean. Oh, and some good old-fashioned revenge. 

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As Negan considers a deal with the warden, Mercer considers the future of The Commonwealth. 

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Rumors of Attorney Woo's special treatment swirl around Hanbada thanks to Attorney Kwon. The team takes on a case to keep a very special town together. 

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With Geun-won in prison, Geun-soo looks to be getting his villain clothes ready. There's a surprising connection between Toni and Mrs. Kim, and it may be the answer to Saeroyi's problems.

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Pamela Milton has Eugene hunted for the death of her son. Meanwhile, Maggie, Darly, Carol, Rosita, and Gabe find the others have been taken to a very familiar place. 

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