Nina and John give a scene-by-scene recap of Breaking Bad S5E15 'Granite State.' They also discuss the upcoming Walker Stalker Con.

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Nina and John share their thoughts on the 2013 Emmy Awards, plus they discuss the series finale of Showtime's Dexter. 

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The entire episode is dedicated to dissecting the Breaking Bad episode 'Ozymandias.' We break down each scene, give predictions, and pretty much bow down before the awesomeness of Vince Gilligan. 

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The first annual ProFanny Awards honor the best in television as decided by you, the ProFans. Nina, John, and Meghan announce the winners in 20 categories and the winner of two movie tickets for getting the most correct winners on their ballot. There's also a lot of giggling and inappropriate language, and in that way, it's very much like The Golden Globes.

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Nina, John, and Meghan discuss Breaking Bad S5E13 'To'hajiilee.' There's lots of fast talking and predictions of death. Also, Nina and Meghan are both still totally rooting for Walt. john wants to see Gomez dead. They all feel sorry for Huell. 

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Nina, John, and Meghan discuss the best movies they've seen this summer and Dexter S8E10 'Goodbye Miami.' They thought this show would include their discussion on Breaking Bad S5E13, but they didn't know how to shut up when it came to Breaking Bad, so that discussion got its own show, episode 3.

Podcast Fandom is the official podcast for Project Fandom. 

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ProFans Nina, John, and Meghan discuss the upcoming fall TV season (most anticipated new & returning shows), Ben Affleck as Batman, Scandal, and The Walking Dead. Then they spend the last 20 minutes throwing down crazy Breaking Bad predictions after watching episode 5.12 'Rabid Dog.'

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