This did not disappoint. Dare I say, it was even better than I thought it would be? Young Leia, an Obi-Wan filled with doubt, a reckless and frightening Inquisitor in Reva, more cute droids, new locations and old favorites. Plus, that reveal at the end of episode 2. I have zero complaints. 
Direct download: Obi_Wan_Kenobi_S1E1_and_S1E2_FP_MQ.mp3
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Michael stay getting ass and I don't know how. Also, did... did he join a Black gang? That footage had Sophie down bad. 

Next week: Hoot-Hoot 

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Still enjoying the way they're telling the story, complete with the reenactments of the different theories. The manipulation of the daughters is hard to watch, though. As is the obvious pure-T homophobia. 

Direct download: The_Staircase_S1E4_FP_MQ.mp3
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First, special thank you to Julie for co-hosting with me and for agreeing to help me cover season 2! 

The Hansu episode was tragic, yet beautiful. While it doesn't excuse anything he has done thus far, it does explain a lot. Little is Noa is a spark plug! I'm most looking forward to learning where he is in "present" especially now that we know Hansu came sniffing around. Ugh. And I just know he had something to do with Isak's arrest. Season 2 can't get here soon enough.

Direct download: Pachinko_S1E7_and_S1E8_FP_MQ.mp3
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Cortana was like, you must not know 'bout me. 

Direct download: Halo_S1E3_FP_MQ.mp3
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Cruelty really is the point. Everything about life for Koreans in Osaka was as hard as Hansu said it would be, but my god won't marginalized folks find a way to have joy? The birth of Noa was a beautiful moment and cemented this new household as a family. I'm so happy this will be back for a second season. Julie and I will be back next week to talk about the final two episodes of season one.

Direct download: Pachinko_S1E5_and_S1E6.mp3
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22 years ago, John was a snitch. And yet, Soren still fucks with him. 

I do not like Dr. Halsey and Vishnar needs to go. 


Direct download: Halo_S1E2_FP_MQ.mp3
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Everything about Sunja's goodbye was as heartbreaking as her return was joyous. Wow. 

Direct download: Pachinko_S1E4_FP_MQ.mp3
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I'm joined by Sarah and Ellen to discuss the first three episodes. We're all aware of the case and watched the documentary this series is largely based on so we will be discussing events that might be considered "spoilers," but as this IS based on a true story that's to be expected.

The casting/acting has been the highlight so far, and they've managed to tell this in a way that's interesting to those who've seen the documentary. 

Direct download: The_Staircase_S1E1-S1E3_FP_MQ.mp3
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