Sure Ji-won feels betrayed, but at this point she's just being cruel. Either turn his ass in or come clean. Watching this man have a full-on panic attack listening to his dead mother hum a lullaby is just too much! 

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A few things I think we forgot to mention: 

1. Arisu's dad crying for him 😭

2. The girl who remembered what happened and knew it wasn't fireworks. Did she also know where they were? Seems so. 

3. I should have been clearer that Karube and Chota mentioned that Arisu had help in all games, but not only from them. And they weren't mad at him, but rather wanted him to accept that and not spend the rest of his life apologizing for it. 

4. Ahn's tear during surgery and later opening her eyes.

Direct download: Alice_in_Borderland_S2E7_and_S2E8_LQ_FL.mp3
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Hey guys, after today's shows (Alice in Borderland for free and The Last of US for Premium), the podcast will be dark for a few days while I visit my dad in the hospital. Thanks for understanding. 

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The wife knows! (That damn watch strap.) But he don't know the wife knows! And we don't know what the fuck is going to happen next. 

Direct download: Flower_of_Evil_S1E5_and_S1E6_LQ_FL.mp3
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Boji's home! And no one turns enemies into friends quicker than him. Fingers crossed this ends with Hiling and Ann running off together. 

Direct download: Ranking_of_Kings_S1E13-S1E15_LQ_FL.mp3
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We're covering The Last of Us exclusively on Patreon. Here's one-time free access to the first episode podcast.

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So many backstories! Heiya was a mean girl and Chishiya was a doctor! Didn't see that one coming. We're grateful Usagi found her fighting spirit again and has resolved to go back home.

The game in episode 6 would have killed us all 'cause that was too much math.

Direct download: Alice_in_Borderland_S2E5_and_S2E6_FL_LQ.mp3
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Here's one-time access to our coverage of AMC's The Mayfair Witches, the latest installment in their Anne Rice Immortal Universe. We also covered Interview with the Vampire on our Patreon.

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Ji-won got homie's watch in 4K. How the hell is going to get out of this one?

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I would have stayed in that Jack of Hearts prison for a smooth month playing that damn game. Sheeeeit. They had snacks! 

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Our next k-drama is Flower of Evil. How well does Detective Cha know her husband Hee-Sung? We're all about to find out after a recent murder reopens a serial killer case from decades ago. 

Remember when Dexter was good? Well, this is like that but better. 

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Armed with new skills and a sword, Bojji marches to war. Also, new opening song! 

Direct download: Ranking_of_Kings_S1E10-S1E12_LQ_FL.mp3
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Arisu and his friends take on the face cards starting with the King of Spades. 

Direct download: Alice_in_Borderland_S2E1_-_S2E2_LQ_FL_.mp3
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