In a new series, Nina will be interviewing some of the fans of our podcast. First up, Momo talks about her experiences growing up in Boston, working as a 911 operator, and her passion for crafting. 

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We had some unexpected feelings about how this wrapped up, but it was overall enjoyable experience. Such a well-written anime. 

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Slowly getting back into the swing of things. Thanks for your patience. 

This show is simply great. So much heart, great story, and a lot of action. Ouken is terrifying, but am I the only one hoping his brother will be able to cure him? 

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We've made the first episode of The Mandalorian S3 premium podcast available for free. 

Papa Pedro and Baby Grogu are back! We really enjoyed this first episode. I'd forgotten how much fun this show can be and how beautifully it's shot. 

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Are... are we supposed to feel sorry for Miranjo now? Cause I kinda do. How is this show so good? They're developing the hell out of all of these characters. Can't wait to see what's up with Kage's new form.

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For as wild as this show got -- and it was wilin'-- this ending was surprisingly tame and to the point. Comeuppance was had and justice was served. Of course, we had to visit the afterlife first, but you know... wilin'. 

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