Episode 252: Humans - S1E5 - Episode 5

Toby stepped up when his father punked out, Leo gives up on Mia, Voss continues to act shady, Millican meets Niska. 

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Episode 251: The Strain - S2E3 - Fort Defiance

Abraham has found the fountain of youth and its filled with worms. Vaughn and Gus carry out a stupid plan to kidnap Palmer. And New Zach is still the worst. 

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Episode 250: Wayward Pines - S1E10 - Cycle

We discuss the events in the season finale of Wayward Pines, and ProFan Nina laughs at the rage and tears of the viewers who didn't like it. 

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Episode 249: The Flash - S1E9 - The Man in the Yellow Suit

Barry admits his feelings to Iris, we meet the Reverse Flash, and Caitlin discovers Ronnie is alive. 

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Episode 248: Humans - S1E4 - Episode 1.4

We discuss: robot consent, Synth food sacks, Mattie is the real MVP, and Synth fight club.

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Episode 247: The Strain - S2E2 - By Any Means

We're joined by Karen from The Black Guy Who Tips podcast to discuss Abe's senior moments, New Zach is a grown-ass man, dirty pool sex, and old man strength.

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Episode 246: Wayward Pines - S1E9 - A Reckoning

We discuss Petty Pilcher, Pam's flip, Lot 33, #DatSlap, and make death predictions for the finale. 

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Episode 245: The Flash - S1E8 - The Flash vs. Arrow

Team Arrow arrives in Central City just as Barry gets whammied by a meta-human who induces rage. 

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Episode 244: Humans - S1E3 - Episode 1.3

We discuss legal prostitution, Anita's motives, Laura's paranoia and possible past, and infidelity with Synths.

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Episode 243: The Strain - S2E1 - BK, NY

We learn how The Master got his groove back while wearing long johns, Eph been drankin', Ke$ha doing arts and crafts, Abraham is grumpy af, and New Zach is the worst. 

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Episode 242: The Flash - S1E7 - Power Outage

Barry loses his power, so Joe and Iris have to save themselves when a gunman takes the police station hostage. 

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Episode 241: Wayward Pines - S1E8 - The Friendliest Place on Earth

We discuss Ethan's poor time management skills, Abby nubs, underrage sex, hypnobitch, free soil, and clowns.

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Episode 240: Humans - S1E2

We disagree about Anita's motives, but agree that Laura is a bad mom, and Toby and Vera are creeeps.

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Episode 239: Wayward Pines - S1E7 - Betrayal

The adults are pimping out the kids, no one believes Ethan, and somebody needs to find Amy's parents. Also, stay tuned after the outro music for a podcast outtake.

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Episode 238: The Flash - S1E6 - The Flash is Born

Barry faces off against an old enemy. Joe suspects Wells. Iris and Barry begin to prepare their relationship. 

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Episode 237: Humans - S1E1

In discussing the Humans series premiere, we covered: mommy guilt, sexbots, the Asimov block, and the correct way to pronounce 'apricot.'

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