Ten years later and Criston Cole is still employed and still a whiny, masogynistic bitch and petty Queen Alicent is only too willing to fuel his insecurities as he fuels hers. 

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I'm not holding my breath that I'll get it, but I'm shipping Saeroyi and Yi-seo something fierce. Saeroyi continues to be the type of character who brings out the best in those around him -- making him the natural enemy of someone like Jang who poisons everyone -- and it's going to be interesting to see if his ragtag crew can really pull this off. 


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So happy I got the family to sit down and watch what has become one of my favorite k-dramas. Here, we get to know Woo Young-woo, the first autistic attorney in South Korea, through her first two cases. 

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No one wants off this mortal coil more than Viserys Targaryen and we get it. 

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The only thing open during the hour of the owl is legs. 

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Yi-seo has entered the chat and just like that our alliance has shifted. Hey, we're a sucker for a wild child with no filter. On the slow burn revenge front: FIFTEEN years? Saeroyi has a 15-year plan to take down Jang. This man has been living off nothing but petty and spite. And we approve. 


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All a king wants to do is celebrate the second name day of the son he had with his daughter's bestie. Oh, and marry said daughter off to a Lannister frat boy. He doesn't want to be bothered with a war that he's losing or quieting the whispers that call for his daughter's removal as his heir. 

And that's why we won't have nice things and I can't believe dragons will die for this. 

Speaking of dragons... 

Those Targaryen boys just built different. Fueled by nothing but petty spite, Daemon ended the war in the Stepstones in five minutes, all so he wouldn't have to thank his brother for the help he didn't ask for. I stan forever. 

Listen as Sarah and I break down the latest episode of Viserys, What Is You Thinking?


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We end the season with the Paper Girls separated, but with a clear mission: don't invent time travel! No idea where Mac and KJ were sent (hopefully someplace without dinosaurs), but Tiffany and Erin are in the '70s. I hope it's kind to little Black and Chinese girls. 


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If there's one thing King Viserys is gonna do every time, it's make the wrong damn decision. Not that marrying a 12-year-old would be BETTER... What he needs to do is worry about those festering wounds and just let his daughter learn to rule from someone who actually knows how to do it. But, alas... he's in love or whatever. 

Thankfully, Corlys and Daemon are both over it and it looks like we'll get some action dragon next week. And can we please, please, please keep precious Laena away from King's Landing until she's at least 30? 


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Adult Tiff is amazing and we're happy KJ found someone to talk to about her love of "movies." 

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