It is with great sadness that we bring you our last American Horror Story:Coven podcast. We're still 'casting other shows, of course, but this show has held a special place in our hearts. It gets the most downloads and the fan feedback has been amazing. Thank you guys so much for listening and joining the conversation. Check out our other shows and join us when we come back to cover the next season of American Horror Story.

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This week we learn more about Joe's life as Daryl, living with the hooker who makes house calls. We also give serious side-eye to Lily Gray, who manages to escape the creepy twins again. And we're just counting down the days until Giselle kills poor, stupid Carlos.

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To fill the void that America Horror Story will be leaving in our hearts this week, we decided to begin coverage of the second season of The Following. This second season premiere reveals that Kevin Bacon's Ryan Hardy is a changed man... or is he? And Joe Carroll is dead... or is he? We hope you'll join us every week as we try to figure out who's in the cult! 

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Nina discusses her experience at Wizard World Portland Comic Con with John and Meghan, including the highlights of panels featuring Burt Ward and Adam West (Batman), Laurie Holden and Jon Bernthal (The Walking Dead), Stan Lee, and Michael Rooker (The Walking Dead, Guardians of the Galaxy). Also, she talks about taking photos with Norman Reedus and Michael Rooker.

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It's just John and Nina this week, giving a scene-by-scene breakdown of American Horror Story: Coven 'Go to Hell.' In this episode, they make predictions on who the Supreme will be FINALLY and read through some listener feedback. 

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The full gang is back to discuss the latest episode of American Horror Story Coven. It wasn't our favorite, but as usual, we had a great time talking about it. We even have a spoiler section featuring tidbits from an Entertainment Weekly interview with show creator Ryan Murphy.

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The new season of Sherlock is over. I know. I know. It just started! 'His Last Vow,' the season three finale, featured shocking revelations galore. And Sherlock dies. Again! And that's just the first 30 minutes. Listen as Nina and John break down the episode. 

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Nina and John are back to talk about the second episode of Sherlock's third season, The Sign of Three. In it, John gets married and Sherlock gives the best Best Man speech ever. Oh, and he solves a crime. 

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We are finally back with an all-new show covering American Horror Story Coven! Overall, we really enjoyed the episode. It had Stevie Nicks, bumped rails, and a righteous backhand. 

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We're back for a surprise episode covering Sherlock S3E1 'The Empty Hearse.' The UK premiere was so damn good we had to talk about it. How did Sherlock fake his own death? How will John react when he sees his old friend after two years of thinking he was dead? Who's the next big bad? We answer some of those questions in this week's podcast. 

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