Podcast Fandom listener and long-time friend Latoya F joins Nina to talk about her life growing up in Alaska and Puerto Rico, and her current life as an expat. 

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I'm back with another ProFan interview! This time, Tamela and I discuss meeting for the first time at a BTS concert, indie music, and her special connection to a Harry Potter character. 

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In a new series, Nina will be interviewing some of the fans of our podcast. First up, Momo talks about her experiences growing up in Boston, working as a 911 operator, and her passion for crafting. 

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Don't judge us.

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This South Korean crime drama follows two police officers as they track a serial killer in a small town. 

This is a free preview of our Premium coverage of Beyond Evil (Netflix). You can sign up to hear full season coverage at Patreon.com/PodcastFandom.

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How do you eat your french fries? We discuss various methods as we shoot the shit before our Loki podcast. For full access to our Loki coverage, sign up Patreon.com/PodcastFandom.

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Nina was right about the Darkling and finally learns (duh!) what Jesper is, while Sarah just shakes her head and expresses mild interest in the rest of Nina's theories. 

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We were going to talk about The Boys S2 finale for our premium subscribers on Patreon, but then we didn't. 

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Honestly, I don't remember everything we discussed this week. I do remember that we determined everything is White people's fault.

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We talk about a lot of stuff including Sylvester Stallone's career. 

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This week on #Snowpiercer: Layton finds himself in trouble after solving the case. (But first we talk about food.) 

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Layton's investigation reveals the origins of Kronole and a new suspect emerges. 

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Podcast Fandom is back with weekly coverage of TNT's Snowpiercer. This week we discuss the first two episodes. 

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Before we discussed Locke & Key, we talked about Al Pacino coming to TV and Guns 'n' Roses.

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We were going to talk about a TV show, but we talked about Baby Yoda instead.

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We ate Twinkies cereal so you don't have to. Don't do it.

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t/w: rape, sexual assault

Before we discussed The Outsider S1E4, we talked about philosophy class, cereals, and Kobe Bryant.

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Sometimes your tongue doesn't want to work. 

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Lynn has a new co-worker, Jenn has a new therapist, and Garfield High has a new principal. 

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We discuss the horror film, The Babadook.

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No, really; Carl ain't die for this. 

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Happy Holidays! Here's a freebie from our Patreon Premium podcast. We talk about Trump, Matt Damon, basic wives, and our favorite things of 2017. 

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We discuss high school bullying, Clay's slow burn with the tapes, and Hannah as a reliable narrator. 

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Episode 388: The Strain - S3E6 - The Battle of Central Park

We discuss New Zach's new pet, the Dutch and Eph chemistry, and BOOM baby. 

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Episode 351: Game of Thrones - S6E4 - Book of the Stranger

We discuss #DatReunion, Brimund Giantbaes, and Bernie Sparrow's motivation.

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Episode 344: The Flash - S2E19 - Back to Normal

Wally is the new Iris and Jesse is the new Caitlin. And Zoom is the worst ex-boyfriend ever. 

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Episode 285: The Leftovers - S2E1 - Axis Mundi

Is Jarden, Texas at the epicenter of the cause of The Sudden Departure? Is Eddie Winslow a fraud? What's up with that couch? The bird in the box? Where's Evie? Where did the water go? We got questions! 

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It is with deep sadness that we tell you our friend, Meghan, passed away. We will be pausing all podcasts for the week. We'll resume our regular recording schedule with next week's The Walking Dead podcast. Thanks for your understanding. 

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