I'm still digging all the world-building and want to know more about The Reel, Beltane, and these five-year marriage contracts. I appreciate the fact that these girls are encouraged to live their best hoe lives... militaristically, of course.

Direct download: Motherland_Fort_Salem_S1E3-S1E5_FP_MQ.mp3
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Before the Loki finale, we discuss the latest movies we've seen and announce new Patreon tiers and podcast coverage. 

Direct download: STS_-_071921_-_New_Tiers.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 5:59pm PDT

Nina shares her first impression on the Bellweather unit and this world of warrior witches.

Direct download: Motherland_Fort_Salem_S1E1-S1E2.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 4:32pm PDT

We discuss the season one finale of Sweet Tooth and have our fingers crossed for a season two.

Direct download: Sweet_Tooth_S1E8_FP_MQ.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 10:58am PDT

This South Korean crime drama follows two police officers as they track a serial killer in a small town. 

This is a free preview of our Premium coverage of Beyond Evil (Netflix). You can sign up to hear full season coverage at Patreon.com/PodcastFandom.

Direct download: Beyond_Evil_S1E1-S1E2_FP_MQ.mp3
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Before we talked about Loki on our premium podcast, we gave our thoughts on the first three episodes of Attack on Titan.

Direct download: STS_-_Loki_S1E4_-_Attack_on_Titan.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 12:56pm PDT

The Singhs start tap dancing, Sweet Tooth learns the truth, and Aimee prepares to take a stand.

Direct download: Sweet_Tooth_S1E6_snd_S1E7_FP_Mq.mp3
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Before we discussed Loki S1E3, we talked about Nina's return to full-time podcasting.

Direct download: STS_-_Loki_S1E3_-_Fulltime_Podcasting.mp3
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Here's a bonus episode from our premium show. We discuss the first two episodes of Attack on Titan or as I like to call it "All You Can Eat at the Shiganshina Buffet." 

Direct download: AoT_S1E1_and_S1E2_FP_MQ.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 7:15pm PDT

Sweet Tooth discovers new sweets and the truth about Big Man, Aimee and Pigtail take in new hybrids, and the Singhs gotta go. 

Direct download: Sweet_Tooth_S1E4_and_S1E5_PF_MQ.mp3
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How do you eat your french fries? We discuss various methods as we shoot the shit before our Loki podcast. For full access to our Loki coverage, sign up Patreon.com/PodcastFandom.

Direct download: STS_-_Loki_S1E2_-_French_Fries.mp3
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In this week's Sweet Tooth podcast: we talk pig babies, deer visions, Singh's dilemma, and more. 

Direct download: Sweet_Tooth_S1E2_and_S1E3_FP_MQ.mp3
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In our first #SweetTooth podcast: We're so curious about this new world and society's seemingly immediate contempt for hybrid babies. 

Direct download: Sweet_Tooth_S1E1_FP_MQ.mp3
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While we all enjoyed the season finale of Mare of Easttown, some of us had some serious thoughts on their handling of violence against women. 

Direct download: Mare_of_Easttown_Finale_FP_MQ.mp3
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Another full house to discuss another full episode. Mare learned nothing, really; Siobhan showed her ass; and John is sociopath.

Direct download: Mare_of_Easttown_S1E6_MQ_FP_.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 6:44pm PDT

Lots of setup in episode 7, but episode 8 more than makes up for it with the action and an interesting jumping off point for season 2... should they ever announce it. 

Direct download: Shadow_and_Bone_-_S1_Finale_-_MQ_FP_.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 5:21pm PDT

The episode that broke us.

Direct download: Mare_of_Easttown_S1E5_FP_MQ.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 5:06pm PDT

John joined us to shoot the shit and then suspect EVERYONE on Mare of Easttown episode 4. 

Direct download: Mare_of_Easttown_S1E4_FP_MQ.mp3
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Nina was right about the Darkling and finally learns (duh!) what Jesper is, while Sarah just shakes her head and expresses mild interest in the rest of Nina's theories. 

Direct download: Shadow_and_Bone_S1E5_and_S1E6_FP_MQ.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:24pm PDT

New suspects: Deacon Pedo, Siobhan, and Evan Peters. Why is he a hot-shot detective brought in to solve this case, but Mare has to teach him the most basic of detective skills? Sus.

Direct download: Mare_of_Easttown_S1E3_FP_MQ.mp3
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So many theories about the Darkling's origins, Mal's supernatural-like good luck, and more. Make sure you leave feedback for next week's show covering episodes 5 and 6.

Direct download: Shadow_and_Bone_-_S1E3_and_S1E4_FP_MQ.mp3
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Ellen joined us to talk about the secrets of Easttown and speculate on who the killer might be. We'd love to hear your theories. 

Direct download: Mare_of_Easttown_-_S1E1_and_S1E2_FP_MQ.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 10:43pm PDT

Sarah and I really liked these first two episodes, and she has a lot of helpful background info from reading the books. If you're a bit confused about this new world, have a listen. 

Direct download: Shadow_and_Bone_S1E1_and_S1E2_FP_MQ.mp3
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On The Irregulars: an evil tooth fairy; Sherlock is a mess; enter Mycroft.

Direct download: The_Irregulars_S1E2_MQ.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 6:00am PDT

We meet Sherlock's "Homeless Network" and they're a squad of street-smart teens, including one who has psychic powers and a wayward prince.

Direct download: The_Irregulars_S1E1_FP.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 4:00am PDT

We back. That's it. That's podcast. 

Direct download: STS_-_031621_-_We_Back.mp3
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