Before we discussed Titans S2E2, we shot the shit about failed internet meetups, language exchange apps, and other things. 

Direct download: STS_-_Titans_S2E2.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 11:11pm PDT

We're back after a mini hiatus for a shoot-the-shit session. We talk about Marvel v Sony, Jnco jeans, a new Matrix movie and much, much more.

Direct download: Shooting_the_Shit_-_Aug_23.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 1:45am PDT

Everyone seems to be in on Winden's time travel secret and we love it. Are they all doomed to repeat the same mistakes or can the loop be broken?

Direct download: Dark_S2E4-E6.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 4:59pm PDT

We discuss the first three episodes of Netflix's Dark season two, including a new timeline in the future and one even further in the past.

Direct download: Dark_S2E1-S2E3.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 9:05pm PDT

We finally wrapped up season 5 of The Flash and Nina shared her experience going to see BTS.

Direct download: The_Flash_S5_Review.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 2:08pm PDT

At least it's over.

Direct download: Game_of_Thrones_S8E6_.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 9:48pm PDT

This was fucking terrible. 

Direct download: GoT_S8E5.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 10:19pm PDT

Everyone's a fucking moron. 

Direct download: Game_of_Thrones_S8E4.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 5:23pm PDT

The Great War is here.

Direct download: Game_of_Thrones_S8E3.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 11:11pm PDT

Reunions were had, virginity was lost, goodbyes were said. Next week, shit gets real icy. 

Direct download: Game_of_Thrones_S8E2_.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 12:31pm PDT

Game of Thrones is back, and along with it: incest, infighting. You know who ain't got time for all that? Bran and the Night King.

Direct download: Game_of_Thrones_S8E1_Fade_Out.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 12:14pm PDT

We discuss the season nine finale of The Walking Dead including the possibility of another time jump, the ruination of The Kingdom, and what Alpha might have planned next. 

Direct download: The_Walking_Dead_S9E16.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 6:08pm PDT

10 heads on a pikes. Alpha gotta die.

Direct download: The_Walking_Dead_S9E15.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 9:29pm PDT

Man. Fuck dem kids. 

Direct download: The_Walking_Dead_S9E14.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 12:57pm PDT

Rick Grimes died so Daryl could read, write, formulate plans, and possibly gain a love interest.

Direct download: The_Walking_Dead_S9E13.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 10:41pm PDT

Hey guys, we're finally back to discuss The Walking Dead. 

Direct download: The_Walking_Dead_S9E10-S9E12.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 10:56pm PDT

Michonne and Daryl take a hostage, while Negan finds you can't go home again. 

Direct download: The_Walking_Dead_S9E9.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 11:27am PDT

While Jay chases new leads on a new and old case, Fauna gets closer to George Hodel.

Direct download: I_Am_The_Night_-_Episode_2.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 12:47am PDT

The second and final part to our 600th anniversary Q&A.

Direct download: QA_Part_2.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 7:51pm PDT

To celebrate our 600th episode, we answer questions from our listeners.

Direct download: QA_Part_1.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 11:14pm PDT

We discuss the first episode of the new limited series "I Am the Night," starring Chris Pine and India Eisley. 

Direct download: I_Am_the_Night_1.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 11:58am PDT

We discuss Team Flash's never-ending pursuit of Cicada. 

Direct download: The_Flash_S5E12.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 10:52pm PDT

We're kicking off 2019 with The Flash's latest episode, including Cisco's change of heart and Nora's big decision that we all saw coming.

Direct download: The_Flash_S5E10.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 2:50pm PDT

Our last podcast of 2018 covers the DCTV crossover event, Elseworlds.

Direct download: The_Flash_S5E9.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 10:43pm PDT

The 100th episode of The Flash featured a run down memory lane and a deer running in boots.

Direct download: The_Flash_S5E8.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 10:45pm PDT

Sometimes your tongue doesn't want to work. 

Direct download: WHSF_1_Monday_Can_Eat_It.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:21pm PDT

A Thanksgiving episode filled with daddy issues.

Direct download: The_Flash_S5E7.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 6:08pm PDT

Daryl and the rest of the Scooby Gang solve a mystery in a graveyard.

Direct download: TWD_S9E8.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 6:35pm PDT

We discuss Aaron and Jesus' aggressive foreplay, Daryl's new digs, and Rosita withstanding another full day of walker catcalls. 

Direct download: The_Walking_Dead_S9E7.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 1:24pm PDT

We discuss Iris being a badass, Mama Cecile guiding Nora, and Ralph possibly being a cannibal. 

Direct download: The_Flash_S5E5.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 7:10pm PDT

  • Shoot the Shit: BTS 
  • The Walking Dead S9E6 Part One - 22:38
  • Shoot the Shit: Love Island - 01:09
  • The Walking Dead S9E6 Part Two - 01:20
Direct download: TWD_S9E6.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 4:34am PDT

We say goodbye (for now) to Rick Grimes and his boots.

Direct download: TWD_S9E5.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 10:25pm PDT

We discuss Jenn's breaking point, Gambi's ass whupping, and Tobias' plan.

Direct download: Black_Lightning_S2E4.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 10:15pm PDT

We discuss: the thing Iris did, Nora is queer, and lumpy pancakes. 

Direct download: The_Flash_S5E4.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 12:08pm PDT

We discuss Rick and Daryl falling into a plot hole, Michonne's bizarre convo with Negan, and we try to act like we don't hear the snoring going on in the background. 

Direct download: TWD_S9E4.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 12:59am PDT

Lynn has a new co-worker, Jenn has a new therapist, and Garfield High has a new principal. 

Direct download: Black_Lightning_S2E3_-_LQ.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:12am PDT

We discuss the possibility of Nora keeping a secret and the addition of yet another Wells.

Direct download: The_Flash_S5E3_-_LQ.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 2:43am PDT

We make predictions on Rick's departure and discuss the obstacles the communities will face in trying to establish law and order. 

Direct download: The_Walking_Dead_S9E3.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 3:38pm PDT

We discuss the return of Jessica Lange and nothing else matters.

Direct download: AHS_S8E6.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 11:03pm PDT

We discuss the return of Anissa the Fuckboi and Tobias' loose ends.

Direct download: Black_Lightning.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 9:52pm PDT

We discuss: Cisco still in his feelings, the return of #BlackFatherhood, and our first look at Cicada. 

Direct download: The_Flash_S5E2.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 1:04pm PDT

Missing Saviors put a strain on a construction project and Hilltop's relationship with the other communities.

Direct download: TWD_S9E2.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 10:23pm PDT

We discuss the return of Misty Day and the White Witch. 

Direct download: AHS_S8E5.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 5:53pm PDT

We discuss the season two premiere of Black Lighting. 

Direct download: Black_Lightning_S2E1.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 9:44pm PDT

We discuss a very schway return for The Flash. 

Direct download: The_Flash_S5E1.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 10:31pm PDT

It's been 18 months, but Maggie and Daryl are finally ready to turn against Rick. 

Direct download: The_Walking_Dead_S9E1.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 10:10pm PDT

The warlocks have been infiltrated, Cordelia is shook, and Madison and Queenie are back! 

Direct download: AHS_S8E4.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 8:15pm PDT

We discuss the zombie horror movie, Train to Busan, and a bunch of other stuff. 

Direct download: Train_to_Busan.mp3
Category:Movies -- posted at: 10:51pm PDT

We discuss the first three episodes of American Horror Story: Apocalypse, including the fierceness of Joan Collins and the return everyone's favorite coven.

Direct download: American_Horror_Story_S8E1-S8E3.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 11:11pm PDT

We discuss the horror film, The Babadook.

Direct download: The_Babadook.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 8:27pm PDT

We discuss the 2000 film Battle Royale.

Direct download: Battle_Royale.mp3
Category:Movies -- posted at: 8:11pm PDT

We announce the winners of the 6th Annual ProFannys. 

Direct download: 2018_ProFannys.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 9:35pm PDT

In this week's summer movie podcast, we discuss the 1988 film Young Guns.

Direct download: Young_Guns.mp3
Category:Movies -- posted at: 3:14pm PDT

We discuss the 1995 action film, Bad Boys.

Direct download: Bad_Boys.mp3
Category:Movies -- posted at: 11:00pm PDT

We discuss the 1987 horror film, "The Lost Boys." 

Direct download: The_Lost_Boys.mp3
Category:Movies -- posted at: 7:10pm PDT

This podcast was originally published on our Geek in Review podcast back in 2015. Since that channel is no more, we're republishing it here for those who asked.

Direct download: GIR_Women_of_Color_in_Fandom.output.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 10:13pm PDT

We discuss the 1997 action film, Face/Off, including: more inappropriate grown-ass man/teenage girl interactions, creepy face touching, and John Woo at his wooiest.

Direct download: Face_Off.mp3
Category:Movies -- posted at: 12:00am PDT

An announcement concerning upcoming schedule changes and book releases. 

Direct download: Announcement_August_2018.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 11:52pm PDT

Our second summer movie is the 1989 dark comedy, Heathers.

Direct download: Heathers.mp3
Category:Movies -- posted at: 12:50am PDT

We discuss the season finale of Cloak & Dagger. 

Direct download: Cloak_and_Dagger_S1E10.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 11:50pm PDT

We discuss the 1998 Michael Bay disaster flick Armageddon, including: jokes that don't age well, disappearing southern accents, and we look back on some other disaster films from then to now.

Direct download: Armageddon_.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 12:06am PDT

Everyone deals with the consequences of getting what they wanted.

Direct download: Cloak_and_Dagger_S1E9.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 11:07pm PDT

We discuss the man in the fridge and the truth about Tandy's dad. 

Direct download: Cloak_and_Dagger_S1E8.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 2:14pm PDT

We discuss the heartbreaking loss of on OG synth, Matrix-style robot fights, and Sam the Problem Child.

Direct download: Humans_S3E7_and_S3E8.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 11:14am PDT

This week, we discuss (and spoil) the Netflix film, "How It Ends," in the S.T.S section, and then we discuss Ty and Tandy working together to free Ivan Hess.

Direct download: Cloak_and_Dagger_S1E7.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 11:11pm PDT

Laura is the 53%, Maddie is pregnant, and Leo is (and makes) a mess.

Direct download: Humans_S3E6.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 8:27pm PDT

Ty's, Tandy's, and O'Reilly's plans each have varying degrees of failure, and we're bored by the voodoo.

Direct download: Cloak__Dagger_S1E6.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 8:47pm PDT

We discuss the change in Anatole, Mia's internet fame, and Sam dealing with grief. 

Direct download: Humans_S3E5.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 5:00am PDT

Nina is joined by Tea and Ashley to discuss the first five episodes of FX's new series, Pose.

Direct download: Pose_S1E1-S1E5.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 2:46pm PDT

We discuss O'Reilly's tactics, Evita's power of observation, and Ty and Tandy getting closer to understanding and controlling their powers.

Direct download: Cloak_and_Dagger_S1E4_and_S1E5.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 4:01pm PDT

After some personal catching up, we discuss the changes in Max, Mia's bold plan, and when Joe met Karen.

Direct download: Humans_S3E2-S3E4.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 2:39pm PDT

We discuss the Michael Peterson trial through the verdict. 

Direct download: The_Staircase_1-8.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 9:41pm PDT

Ty and Tandy become closer as each experiences the other's demons. 

Direct download: Cloak_and_Dagger_S1E3.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 9:27pm PDT

We discuss the banana pancakes Netflix documentary Evil Genius.

Direct download: Evil_Genius.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 8:18pm PDT

We share our first impressions of Marvel's Cloak & Dagger.

Direct download: Cloak_and_Dagger__S1E1-S1E2.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 12:54pm PDT

We catch up with your favorite synths and learn what the world is like after the grand awakening. Verdict: Humans are still terrible. 

Direct download: Humans_S3E1.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 4:43pm PDT

The long, national nightmare known as season 4 of The Flash is finally over. 

Direct download: The_Flash_S4E23.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 2:07pm PDT

Shoot the Shit: Universal FanCon, dental surgery, career help and viral tweets

The Flash: Why is this season not done yet? 

Direct download: The_Flash_S4E21.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 10:04pm PDT

Your feedback read in a bad southern accent.

Direct download: The_Flash_S4E20.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 8:57pm PDT

Tobias and Lala steal all the scenes, Jenn comes into her own, and Alfred proves -- once again -- he's 'bout that life. 

Direct download: Black_Lightning_S1E13.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 11:03am PDT

No, really; Carl ain't die for this. 

Direct download: The_Walking_Dead_S8E16.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:26pm PDT

We discuss Jeff's two wives, the new Khalil, the return of Tobias, and Lala the slave. 

Direct download: Black_Lightning_S1E12.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 10:12pm PDT

There's no reason this show should focus so much of its time on Ralph. Who's in charge? 

Direct download: The_Flash_S4E17.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 9:02pm PDT

Has Eugene or Dwight earned redemption? Can Rosita or Daryl ever complete a mission without getting in their feelings? What did that walkie-talkie ever do to Negan?

Direct download: The_Walking_Dead_S8E15.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 10:33pm PDT

You gotta bring ass to get ass.

Direct download: Black_Lightning_S1E11.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 10:06pm PDT

Morgan and Rick team up to kill everyone; Jadis a junkyard in the streets but an IKEA in the sheets.

Direct download: The_Walking_Dead_S8E14.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 11:19pm PDT

We're joined by Rod from The Black Guy Who Tips to discuss this week's episode of Black Lightning.

Direct download: Black_Lightning_S1E10.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 10:28pm PDT

Hilltop barely survived another attack by The Saviors; and then they had to deal with The Turnip Rebellion.

Direct download: The_Walking_Dead_S8E13.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 10:16pm PDT

We weren't going to talk about this episode, but then we did... and a whole lot of other stuff, too. 

Direct download: Black_Lightning_S1E9.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 1:55pm PDT

Negan really loves that bat and White women with plans really love Maggie. 

Direct download: The_Walking_Dead_-_S8E12.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 8:57pm PDT

We discuss Lala in LaLa Land; LaWanda, the Ghost of Christmas Vengeance; and the Ain't-Shit Alabasters.

Direct download: Black_Lightning_S1E8.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 9:29pm PDT

We discuss an overall fantastic episode of The Flash.  

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Direct download: The_Flash_S4E16.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 9:36pm PDT

We're as lost as Gabe and Carson. 


Like listening to us talk about TV? Check out our other podcasts:Like listening to us talk about TV? Check out our other podcasts:

Or sign up to become a Premium listener for podcasts covering Jessica Jones, Preacher, Legends of Tomorrow, Outcast, Westworld, Black Mirror, The Walking Dead graphic novels, writing, comic books, movies, and more!

Direct download: The_Walking_Dead_S8E11.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 8:32pm PDT

We discuss the death of one villain and the rise of another.

Direct download: Black_Lightning_S1E7.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 9:20pm PDT

We talk about the return of The Flash we love.

Direct download: The_Flash_S4E15.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 9:08pm PDT

We discuss how Simon delivered the wrong message and Rick delivered a distorted one. 

Direct download: The_Walking_Dead_S8E10.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 8:48pm PDT

We discuss the ties that bind Gambi, Tobias, and Lady Eve. 

Direct download: Black_Lightning_S1E6.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 9:09pm PDT

This week was a little bit country and a whole lot a hot-ass mess. 

Direct download: The_Flash_S4E14.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 8:18pm PDT

We say a long goodbye to Carl Grimes.

Direct download: The_Walking_Dead_S8E9.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 9:42pm PDT

We discuss Tobias's daddy issues, Anissa's new uniform, Jennifer's fight, and more secrets from Gambi.

Direct download: Black_Lightning_S1E5.mp3
Category:TV -- posted at: 9:03pm PDT





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