Episode 203: The Walking Dead - S5E16 - Conquer

We discuss the season five finale of The Walking Dead, name the Tweet o' the Week Winner for the season, announce the death pool winner, and read great listener feedback. 

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Episode 202: Scandal - S4E17 - Put a Ring on It

Olivia organizes a shotgun White House wedding for Cyrus to squash a brewing sex scandal. 

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Episode 201: The Flash - S1E16 - Rogue Time

Barry goes back in time and tries to do the right thing (catch the Weather Wizard), but ends up making some things worse (alienates Iris). 

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Episode 200: The Walking Dead - S5E15 - Try

In the penultimate episode of The Walking Dead: Daryl and Aaron make a grisly discovery, Sasha goes hunting and unravels, Enid and Carl sneak away, and Rick waters the seeds of doubt planted by Gabriel. 

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Episode 199: Scandal - S4E16 - It's Good to Be Kink

Olivia tries to shut down a salacious memoir that would hurt Abby. We weren't thrilled with this episode and wondered what kind of message it was trying to send.

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Episode 198: Empire - S1E11/S1E12 - Die But Once/Who I Am

This Empire podcast is filled with laughter and really bad Terrence Howard impressions. We do discuss the 2-hour finale and all the twists and turns including: that pregnancy, that diagnosis, that murder, and that ending.

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Episode 197: The Flash - S1E15 - Out of Time

Mark Mardon comes to Center City seeking revenge against Joe. Iris plants seeds of doubt about Wells, and struggles with her feelings for Barry. 

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Episode 196: The Walking Dead - S5E14 - Spend

In this week's The Walking Dead podcast, we discussed: charges of racism levied against the show, the possible wife beater plot twist, Glenn and Abe both stepping up, and that gruesome death. 

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Episode 195: Scandal - S4E15 - The Testimony of Diego Muñoz

In this week's Scandal podcast, we spend about 70% of the time discussing the episode and the other 30% trying to remember the characters' names on 227.

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Episode 194: Empire - S1E10 - Sins of the Father

Lucious dropped a bombshell, Cookie struggled to understand Andre’s condition, Jamal lost his second boo, Camilla was banished, and Malcom got the cookies.

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