After a mini-vacation, Podcast Fandom is back to discuss the mid-season finale of Scandal, 'A Door Marked Exit.' We're joined by a friend, Julia, and go over every WTF moment of the episode, including Papa Pope's epic read of Fitz. There's also some Beyonce talk at the end. 

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The winter finale of American Horror Story Coven didn't disappoint. The Podcast Fandom team breaks down all the developments. 

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Part one of Scandal's midseason finale was ALL.THE.THINGS! We talk about Mama Pope's true colors, Sally snapping, and James leaving Cyrus. What in the world could they possibly do for part two?

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The coven bands together to take down Fiona, but there's another threat lurking outside. After our scene-by-scene recap we read listener feedback from Facebook and Twitter. Use #PFCoven on Twitter to join the conversation and we'll read it on our next podcast. 

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Part two of our The Walking Dead S4E8 'Too Far Gone' coverage continues with listener feedback, a spoiler section, and John's shocking theory about Maggie. 

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The mid-season finale of The Walking Dead seaon 4 was ten kinds of amazing. John, Nina, and Meghan podcap the episode, sharing their thoughts on the showdown at the prison, the Governor's fate, and where our prison gang goes from here. Stay tuned for episode 32 in which we read listener feedback for the episode. 

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Our second, and probably last, standalone Governor episode reveals that not much has changed. The Governor will still kill, lie, and take charge to protect what's his. Nina, John, and Meghan discuss the penultimate episode of the first half of season 4. And there's a super spoilery spoiler section. 

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Nina, Meghan, and Margeaux discuss the episode of Scandal we've all been waiting for: Olivia and Fitz finally have sex this season! He also bulit her a house in Vermont. Let's just call him President Pantydropper. 

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This was a podcast divided. Ellen and Meghan enjoyed this episode while Nina and John didn't. That didn't stop them from having a good time talking about it. 

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The first Governor standalone episode of The Walking Dead this season picked up right where we last saw the patch-eyed villain in season 3. Nina, John, and Meghan discuss what he was up to and predict how he'll re-enter the picture for the prison gang. Stay tuned for after the outro music for a mega-spoiler section. 

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