Hee-sung woke up from a coma playing chess while Hyeon-su playing Parcheesi. Embarrassing. 

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Before we discuss The Last of Us S1E6 "Kin" for our Patreon subscribers, we shoot the shit about what's going on in our lives, shows we're watching, and that The Flash trailer. If you want to hear us discuss this season of The Last of Us plus other Patreon-exclusive shows, you can sign up at Patreon.

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Podcasts will be a little limited for the next few weeks; there was a death in our family. You can visit Project Fandom and check the schedule for publication dates. Thanks for your patience. 

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Between Hae-su (the sister) and the maid, I don't know who was trying to die harder. But one succeeded. 

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Human trafficking? How we get here?

Ji-won is a hot-ass mess who can't make up her mind and now she's about to lose her damn job. 

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