After a second American civil war, Alma Ortega sneaks into the DMZ of Manhattan to search for her son. We have lots of questions and lots of love for Odi. Also, Benjamin Bratt is aging like fine-ass wine. 

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I wouldn't have thought this show would make me cry so hard at the end, but it did. Though, I still don't know why or what the fuck. 

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Absolutely gutted by that death. Despite the foreshadowing, we'd hoped they'd be safe. The backstory of Hyun-su's bullying is as infuriating as it is confusing. Was his bully just a sociopath?

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Not really here for Hyun-su as the demon errand boy. It's one thing if he offered, but being forced to do the dirty work and then put into isolation is fucked up. Sang-wook's backstory is tragic, but what a badass move in bringing back those corpses. 

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Hyun-su is... special. Is this an apartment building filled with traumatized people being hunted and haunted by their literal demons? 

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From the twisted mind of Kim Carnby comes a live-action Netflix adaptation of his graphic novel series "Sweet Home." It's gory, it's weird, it's oddly heartbreaking. And that's just the first two episodes. 

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