Episode 236: Wayward Pines - S1E6 - Choices

Ethan gets a tour of the complex which runs Wayward Pines and comes face to face with another abby. Theresa gets super nosy. Ben has regrets. And Kate and Harold are not what they seem.

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Episode 235: The Flash - S1E5 - Plastique

Barry learns three new ways to use his abilities when he tries to help a meta-human being hunted by the military. Iris' blog comes between her and Barry.

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Episode 234: The Flash - S1E4 - Going Rogue

Everyone deals with trust issues as Joe tries to accept Iris and Eddie, and Cisco makes a huge mistake. We meet Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller). 

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Episode 233: Game of Thrones - S5E10 - Mother's Mercy

We discuss the Cersei's walk of shame, Jaime's confession, Stannis' fall, Theon and Sansa's jump, and Jon's demise.

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Episode 232: Wayward Pines - S1E5 - The Truth

We try to handle the truth behind Wayward Pines. 

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Episode 231: The Flash - S1E3 - Things You Can't Outrun

A meta-human who can turn into a gas targets the people responsible for his incarceration. Barry, Caitlin, and Iris each confront the things they've been avoiding. 

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Episode 230: Game of Thrones - S5E9 - The Dance of Dragons

We discuss Jon's frosty return home, Stannis' desperate move, Arya's detour, and Dany's escape. 

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Episode 229: Wayward Pines - S1E4 - One of Our Senior Realtors Has Chosen to Retire

We discuss that creepy school, that creepy new girl pushing up on Ben, and Ethan's decision to go mountain climbing.

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Episode 228: The Whispers - S1E1 - X Marks the Spot

We discuss imaginary friends, a ridiculously high treehouse, and fulgurites.

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Episode 227: The Flash - S1E2 - Fastest Man Alive

This episode explored the evolution of Barry and Joe's relationship and Barry's struggle to maintain his job and relationship with Iris, all while fighting crime. 

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Episode 226: Scandal Season 4 Wrap Up

Why did Rowan need a list of names if everyone was going to be killed on the bus to begin with? Why is Fitz such a shitty person and even worse husband? So, Huck just going back to killing folks, huh? This is why I'm done with this show.

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Episode 225: Game of Thrones - S5E8 - Hardhome

Cersei tastes her own medicine (and floor water), Daenerys and Tyrion bond over wine and having raggedy-ass fathers, and the best battle of the series takes place at Hardhome.

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