Eph retraces Kelly's steps hoping to find her alive. Vasiliy and Dutch head over to The Stoneheart Group so she can try to undo the damage she caused. 

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This episode is filled with unnecessary pit stops and a search for a character we care nothing about. But Fet is awesome, as usual, and we finally get to see The Master's face. We'll pretend that awkward sex scene with Eph and Nora didn't happen.

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In the season finale of The Leftovers: Kevin enlists Matt's help and has a chance encounter with Wayne, The Guilty Remnants carry out their Memorial Day mission, Nora makes a decision about her future. 

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We're joined by Karen from The Black Guy Who Tips podcast to discuss the latest episode of The Strain. In it, Vasiliy joins the team as they are trapped in a convenience store with hungry strigoi outside. 

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We close the coffin on True Blood with this discussion on the series finale. We also announce the shows we'll be covering this fall, plus feedback and iTunes reviews.

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Abraham, Eph, and Nora set a trap for the master using Jim as bait. Gus is processed into jail with an infected Felix. We meet a new creature with his own agenda.

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The Garveys at their best seems to be pretty bad: Kevin is unhappy and cheats, Laurie is keeping a secret, Jill suspects her parents are going to break up, and Tommy can't deal with the fact that his biological father wants nothing to do with him.

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The ProFans have spoken! We hand out the 2014 ProFannys to honor the best in television. 

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After demanding that Bill release her, Jessica seeks comfort from Hoyt. Sookie learns that Sam has left town for good. Eric plays mediator for Bill and Sookie. Ginger finally got what she's been wanting. 

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In this episode of The Strain podcast: we talk about the adventures of Gus and Felix, how awful Eph's wife is, and how Abraham needs a partner.

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