Rod from The Black Guy Who Tips Podcast joins us again to discuss the recent episode of Scandal including Olivia's sudden belief in Rowan, Jake's happy place, Lauren's secret life, and Mellie's questionable reaction to finding out her son was murdered.

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The spirirt of a murderer arrives at the freak show. Twisty adds to his people collection.

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Ichabod finds out that Katrina has lied again, we wonder what the hell a hellfire shard is, and a Mills sister lays a big one on Hawley.

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Rick and the group rescue a suspicious preacher and then make a risky run for supplies. Dary gets a lead on Beth. One of the group is captured and changed forever. 

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Olivia helps locate a sex tape starring the first daughter. Jake tries to convince Tom to turn on Rowan. 

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In this week's American Horror Story: Freak Show podcast we discuss Patti LaBelle's shade, Stabby the Clown, and having three boobs.

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Ichabod and Abbie race to find a young girl lured away from her home by The Pied Piper. Irving confronts Henry about his true identity.

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In the season five opener, the group attempts a brutal escape from Terminus with the help of an old friend. And in a Marvelesque move, an extra scene after the credits reveals a fan-favorite's return. 

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Olivia helps a friend from law school locate her missing daughter. Jake confronts Eli with what he knows about Harrison's death. Mellie becomes obsessed with a high profile murder case. Cyrus pays a lot for sex... more than he knows. 

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Our first AHS Freak Show podcast covered freaky Tupperware parties where The Shocker became The Claw, bad accents, and the scariest clown ever. 

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